Suteneko no Karute / Love Song of the Abandoned Cat by Haruko


And now, back to slice-of-life yaoi….

I enjoyed the heck out of Suteneko no Karute/Love Song of the Abandoned Cat.  The only thing that makes me really cranky is that, according to Baka-Updates, there are four chapters and only two of them have been scanlated.

Why, Universe? Why do you torture me like this??






Suteneko no Katute/Love Song of the Abandoned Cat is the story Hidaka Kaoru, a ‘tsundere uke.’*

Poor Kaoru can NOT seem to keep a lover.  The story starts with Kaoru getting dumped again. “You’ll be fine without me,” says the unseen, unnamed lover.  As Kaoru heads home, he figures that pretty much sums up his problem: the guys he falls for think he’s cold and not that into him.  He’s just no good at expressing his inner feelings.

At any rate, Kaoru discovers that he’s been meandering a bit while ruminating on his life. He’s ended up near a park known for gay hook-ups.  Never really having done the whole cruising thing, he decides to give it a try.  Most people are already coupled-up, but he decides to hang around a little longer and sees a park bench.  It’s occupied.

By a cat.

Kaoru isn’t super fond of cats, and, anyway, this cat takes one look at him and hisses.  So, he chases the cat off.

A couple minutes later, he’s approached!  He’s thinking: Score!

Except it turns out this cute, bespectacled dude is actually not cruising. He’s looking for his cat!


Kaoru is so frustrated that he kind of breaks. (Kaoru, like any good ‘tsundere’ is prone to blurting out stuff)  He taunts this guy, saying, “You’re in ‘this kind’ of park, looking for a cat!?  Look around properly!” Cat Guy is all, “Whoa… gay people!” Kaoru nods. “Go home. Don’t come back unless you want to get hit on!”

Somehow this kind of shout-y/taunt-y conversation leads to a spontaneous blowjob.  You know, like it does… (Except not so super spontaneous that Kaoru doesn’t just happen to have condoms, but, hey, he knew why he was coming to this park.)

Afterwards, Kaoru figures this whole hook-up thing was a one-off, so he goes about his life.  He decides to return to the park, and who should he see there again but Cat Guy!  But, wait! Straight Cat Guy is being accosted by some other stranger, so Kaoru rushes into intercede. Not really being the hero type, Kaoru manages to trip on his way to the rescue, knocking everyone over.  There are some apologies and Kaoru says, “Sorry, but this guy is with me.” Stranger Danger Guy seems pretty suspicious, but leaves them to it with a “Yeah, whatever.”

After Stranger Danger guy hightails it out, Kaoru ends up introducing himself, because, as Kaoru was rushing over, Cat Guy spotted him and waved and yelled out a made-up name, as though greeting an old friend. Cat Guy apologizes for the name, explaining that “Kinjirou-san” is actually the name of his cat.  Oh, and by the way, he’s Iwasaki Youhei.

Kaoru is thinking ‘did I ask for your name?,’ but next thing he knows Youhei has grabbed his hand because he managed to scrape himself up when he took his heroic tumble. Youhei insists Kaoru must come back to his apartment to have his wound looked at and tended to.

His place??


Indeed, the trip back to the apartment is a bit of a ruse. After having taken care of Kaoru’s owie, Youhei confesses that he went back to the park hoping to run into Kaoru.  He’s smitten! Nay, in love!

Kaoru is briefly all, “…” But then he’s like, “The hell, fool? You only just met me, besides I’m a neko, you think you can do a man, huh, straight boy?”

Youhei blinks and is like, “Wait, you’re a cat?”

Kaoru rolls his eyes and says, “Neko. As in bottom.”

And here is where we hit the crux of the schtick of whole manga. Youhei is a self-proclaimed cat otaku and Kaoru… well, he has a startling realization after they spend their first night together:



And, of course, it’s Yuhei’s ability to love fickle and selfish creatures that allows Kaoru to eventually open up and express his true feelings.



To be fair, there’s a lot more that happens in these two chapters, so it’s very much worth a read if it sounds like something you’d enjoy.  The sex was moderately hot.  Obviously, this is a very personal taste issue, but for me, the set-up of the cruising park added a bit of spice.  For as short as this manga is, there was a lot of sex, too.  The ratio of plot-to-smut was about what I personally like.  (I tend to like story, but I like my smut too!)

* I had no idea ‘tsundere uke’ was a searchable tag on Baka-Updates! I’m totally going to search down that tag! What a hoot!


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