Shigeki no Kyojin #85 – Eren’s F*cking Basement

Shingeki no Kyojin is a perfect example of how reading something weekly let’s you smooth over the faults in the story.  I shouldn’t still be reading this, but I am. Thing is, this was a pretty good chapter, honestly. Go check it out:







Okay, some other sh*t happened, but no one cares about that (even though I spent five minutes being alternately grossed out and horrified by the whole ‘punishment’ discussion about everyone’s insubordination in the last chapter, given how non-functioning this military actually is), because OMG THE BASEMENT.


There’s some fake out about the key, but luckily Levi’s like ‘DOORS ARE FOR PUNKS’ and we discover something I’ve been suspecting all along:

This is the future of our past.

There’s a photograph found in a journal left by Eren’s dad that is proof that this is our Earth, and that something happened to force everyone behind the walls and regress to this semi-pre-industrial state.

Okay, yep.

That was satisfying.

Thing is, and, since I was called into work, I don’t have time for a huge exploration of this, but this is where Kubo-sensei failed me.  Ultimately, I can forgive all sorts of stupid character moments or random fan service or even dumb-a$$ writing (especially when reading weekly like this), if the plot pays off.

This, as delayed and hackneyed as it has been, is actually the pay-off I’ve been freaking WAITING for.

Works for me.  You?


4 thoughts on “Shigeki no Kyojin #85 – Eren’s F*cking Basement

  1. It took me two reads, but I agree that it’s a really good chapter. And it marks a great shift that’s long overdue, by giving us a view of the outside world. I’ve been going over what we know now and what we knew before, and I… wouldn’t be all that surprised if it ends up that the walls and the humanity within was specifically created to draw the titans away from the rest of humanity. I can’t wait to see how the outside world is dealing with the industrial revolution (timeline-wise, I’d place “present day” between 1870 and 1900, given the photography and the clothing style, which… huh. That puts the appearance of titans and the rise of the walls right around the time of the Revolutionary War) and how they view the titans, the walls, and the people within.

    Overall, I’m glad that we’re finally getting answers. It’s been far too long since I felt excited for the next chapter.

    • Well, Revolutionary War period is interesting given all of Commander Eyebrow’s obsession with the divine right of kings–which I hate with the passionate heat of a thousand burning suns–but if it was meant to be in historical character all along, I might actually tolerate it a smidge bit better.

      Getting answers is amazing. I wish we’d gotten more with Bleach, like the central question of this last arc: what is the Soul King and how does he/it/they relate to the Quincy?

      At least here we finally GOT TO THE F*CKING BASEMENT. O.M.G.

  2. You’ve been reading this thing for so long…”Stockholm syndrome to the white phone. Paging Stockholm syndrome to the white phone….” I really enjoy your reviews these days. Also love the Kubo-kick. Kick him again please for me too.

    • Heh, you’re right about Stockholm Syndrome, I think. I mean, I really should have given up on this manga given how irritated it makes me any given chapter, but it’s like, “Wait, wait! Is this plot development I see? OH OKAY I FORGIVE EVERYTHING!!”

      Pathetic, actually.

      And, still bitter about Bleach. Yep. That’s not ending any time soon.

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