Torawarebito by Minase Masara


Another one-shot yaoi that I stumbled across on Mangasaurus, but Mangago has it too:  Torawarebito is the story of forbidden love between a yakuza heir and his bodyguard.






I have to admit, I’m often a sucker for this kind of set-up. I read way too much of You’re My Loveprize in Viewfinder because men with a mafia connections… uh… well, I guess I have a weakness for well-dressed thugs.

And, if I’m honest with myself, this kind of power dynamic–where there’s a hint of danger–instantly adds to the heat level for me.

Torawarebito starts out strong, with our indolent, pretty-boy Yakuza heir Ryou, getting berated for ditching his bodyguard. Ryou turns the tables and, grabbing Wada by the tie, says, “If I were them, I’d target you. You’re the the real backbone of this organization.” Wada’s all, ‘whoa there boss, you’re the heir,’ and then we get an, ‘all righty then, if I’m the boss, I demand a kiss!”

Okay, starting out good!

But then I guess Minase decided that we were here for the plot (um, hello?  No! Go back to the kissing please!), and so Wada gets a phone call that takes him away from sexy times.  Argh!

But, at least, a frustrated Ryou decides to go solo, as it were, while handily (as it were!) giving us the backstory of the relationship to-date.  We see a younger Ryou being taken in by Wada’s charms, only to discover that the rumor mill has pegged Wada as a player, with a girl in every chōme, as it were. Ryou even sees someone identified as Wada’s ‘woman’ at a funeral for some mafia casualty or other, and so has closed off his heart (though not his fantasies!)

After some panels off mafia non-plot/plot stuff, Wada and Ryou are together at some boss meeting or other, getting ready to leave.  A gunman appears out of nowhere!  Wada, the handsome, loyal servant that he is, throws his body in front of Ryou, and literally takes a bullet for his lover!

Sounds to me like the perfect time for a love confession and hot sex!

And indeed it is! (Well, after confirming that Wada isn’t mortally wounded or bleeding everywhere, of course.)

The sex in Torawarebito involves a lot of tears and the magical yaoi self-lubricating anal sex, but at least when Ryou protests that the anilingus is “dirty,” Wada gets the line, “You don’t have any dirty places,” which I quite liked.

Oh, and I should say, just in case you were at all worried–it turns out that Wada’s lady killer reputation is just a cover.  He’s had eyes for only Ryou since that first moment Ryou clutched him tight and whispered, “I like you.”


I mean, this was a quick little one-shot with a serious case of yaoi hands art going on, but that’s part and parcel for the genre. It’s fast enough that I can forgive the über-elongated bodies for the 35 pages that I have to put up with them, you know?

Also I kind of love that Wada breaks a lot of hot-guy molds.  He’s got a receding hairline and kind of goofy little goatee. But, maybe that makes him kind of gangster, I don’t know?


Anyway, if you’re looking for a little mafia-themed diversion, this could be for you. There’s a lot of yaoi involving the mafia, and some can get very rough. I went searching for one I half-remembered reading and found it almost immediately with the search terms “yaoi that starts with torture, mafia,” and it was called Bi no Isu. If your tastes run rape/non-com/BDSM, with a really screwed up relationship that might be worth checking-out.  I’m a sick person and read the whole five chapters, so there’s that.


4 thoughts on “Torawarebito by Minase Masara

  1. Ike Reibun, love her! And her awful brutish handsome noncon gangster pr0n with plot. Plus the hilarious description on her authors page makes me like her even more:
    “likes: the countryside.
    dislikes: groups of buildings”
    You are certainly hitting the good stuff.

    • Yeah, well, part of this for me is unearthing and digging up some of the stuff I read a long time ago and getting titles and authors in one place so I can remember them later, should I ever want to.

      • Did you ever try an oldie but a goodie ‘Saint☆Oniisan’? aka ‘Saint Young Men’. ‘slice of life’ oh yes. Buddha’s nemesis is school children and Jesus buys ‘Gintama’ merch. Totally odd manga.

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