Laundry by Ogawa Chise



Laundry by Ogawa Chise is a yaoi one-shot with the subtitle: “How Wonderful Dormitory Life Is!”






The story of Laundry opens with our hero, Adachi, heading into the laundry room in what I can only assume is the men’s dormitory at some undisclosed (x) university.

Given the signage on the walls?  Japanese college boys are GROSS:


But, a guy needs clean clothes, so in goes Adachi–only to be accosted a perky, blond, basketball-playing underclassman, Tsukamoto.

Adachi, being apparently completely out of clean clothes, and so strips all the way down, much to the shock of Tsukamoto.  Tsukamoto makes a comment about Adachi’s underwear: “Where did you get those?  JUSCO?”

So, part of me wondered: is this queer coding?  Is JUSCO a high-end fashion store in Japan, popular among gay men?  I Googled it.  Here’s what Wikipedia says: “JUSCO (ジャスコ Jasuko?) is the acronym for Japan United Stores Company, a chain of ‘general merchandise stores’ (or hypermarket) and the largest of its type in Japan.”

So, my guess is that Tsukamoto’s comment is more of a tease.  Like saying, “Fancy! Dude, did you get those at WalMart or something?”

But, so, even though Adachi encourages Tsukamoto to take his clothes off, too, Tsukamoto demurs and only removes his shirt. (OH YOU AND YOUR FAUX INNOCENCE, TSUKAMOTO!)  They hang out, casually, waiting for their clothes to wash.

Adachi gets bored.

So bored, in fact, he considers going back to his room to get his copy of Weekly Shounen Jump:


Don’t bother going back for it, Adachi. Bleach ended stupidly.

Finally, Adachi looks over at Tsukamoto and says, “DO something.”

Turns out?  Tsukamoto knows EXACTLY what to do!

Sex ensues.

Again, I’ve read hotter stuff.  But, one of the things I appreciated about Laundry is that  it broke the mold.  Typically, there’s this pattern you see that ends in self-lubricating anal sex.  This one includes actual making out than ends in only a hand job.

I mean, it’s weirdly refreshing!

I also had to laugh at Adachi thinking thoughts during sex like, “The sound of the bubbles forming in the machine sounds so naughty!”



I mean, to each their own.  The ending is very light-hearted.  After all that fooling around, it seems that Tsukamoto’s underwear is now dirty and sempai was right: he should have washed all his clothes!  Ha! (Cute, though, really.)

Then we discover that, far from this being an accidental hook-up, the meeting was premeditated by Tsukamoto!


*gasp* It seems so!

Tsukamoto’s reply, “Sempai, you’re actually really popular.  You should be more careful.”

Um… creepy?

Yet, we’re clearly supposed to find it charming because when they meet up again in the one-shot’s afterward, we see this:



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