Hana, Saita by Fujikura Mao

So, there I was on Mangasaurus.com looking for more random manga to read.  I decided to go down the slice of life category and saw this cover which was labeled slice of life, yaoi:


I thought, eh, looks kind of ‘yaoi hands’ from the cover, but it’s one chapter, so what the hell.





I click on the chapter and I get this:


Hmm, the uke looks a bit more fem here…. but, okay…

Even though I’m introduced to Sari, a high school girl with a passion for nail painting, I think… okay, I have read light-yaoi where a woman was involved.  Technically it was shoujo, but the boys were into each other and she was their friend.  It was was called Tora to Ookami, and I reviewed it here: https://mangakast.wordpress.com/2014/09/14/tora-to-ookami-review/

But, so I’m reading along in Hana, Saita, and I keep waiting for the guy interest to come along.  Sari is worrying about her life, how all her girlfriend are getting serious about life after high school and all she wants to do it paint her nails.  She goes to the library and sees basketball star, Kuroiwa, studying.  They strike up a conversation and he compliments her nails.

I’m still thinking, “What a nice gay boy.”

Which I pretty much continue thinking, despite rumors that Kuroiwa is dating his female former basketball manager, pretty much up until this moment:


Oh!  He’s bisexual!

Yeah, no, turns out Hana, Saita is a shoujo romance of the very straight variety.

Which is fine. I have no problem with straight people. Some of my friends are straight.

In all seriousness, the story was fine.  I mean, it was predictable.  The basketball manager was just a pushy older broad and Kuroiwa confesses his true love for Suri as they walk home together.

Shoujo flowers, the end!


Yep, the cliche has become meta commentary

So, I dunno, if you like the straight romance thing it was fun, and actually complete, so I could recommend it.



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