Natsuzora ni Kimi to Mitu Yume by Iida Yukiko/Hirao Auri


I was bored and looking for some manga to consume quickly and so I went to MangaPanda and hit the “surprise me” button.  I landed on this.  I decided to dive into Natsuzora ni,  Kimi to Mitu Yume since MangaPanda marked it as complete in one volume… which was kind of a lie.





The set-up seemed promising.  Our high school heroine, Yuuri, is approached by an insistent stranger who begs her to attend the funeral of a classmate, Hirose Takaya.  Yuuri has never heard of Hirose, but she’s told he was obsessively in love with her.

Yuuri spends the next several pages being highly inconvenienced by this (not making me like her very much, honestly.) She doesn’t want to go to the funeral and even tries to brush off Hirose’s insistent friend by saying she’ll only go, if he pays her to (which he agrees to do, much to her astonishment.)

She’s such a jerk that she won’t even go in or attend the actual services.  Finally, Hirose’s friend pressures her into meeting with Hirose’s mom, who gives her Hirose’s journal. Hirose’s journal is filled with his stalker notes. Yuuri is legit freaked out by this and decides to burn the journal.


I’m with ya, sister, stalkers aren’t sexy

The very last panel shows a burning husk of the journal followed by a side panel that reads: “With this, it’s over. That’s what Yuuri thinks.  However…”

And that’s where it ends.

I did a little digging and tells me that Natsuzora ni, Kimi to Mita Yume was published in 2010.  Another site told me that in Japan there’s another volume, which no one seems to have scanlated, so my assumption is that since it hasn’t been done by 2016, no one will.  So, I have no idea how this manga ends.*  But, what the hey, after the clusterf*ck that is Bleach, I’m kind of used to that.

Natsuzora ni, Kimi to Mita Yume‘s category is supernatural, so I can only assume that the stalker stalks poor Yuuri from Beyond.  Since it’s also categorized as shoujo, I’m also kind of assuming that Yuuri gets at least somewhat over her repulsion of Hirose by the end. Or maybe learns to love herself, through him, since she keeps wondering in this volume how anyone could love someone like her.

Or… maybe that’s just me, stupidly expecting a story to follow the theme and plot it started with.  Maybe the plot just stops, Yuuri hooks up with that girl she chats on the phone with in the third chapter, they have magic babies, and Hirose becomes a internationally famous boxer.

Seems just as likely.

Not that I’m bitter about Bleach‘s end. Nope. Not at all, why do you ask?

* If anyone knows of a scanlation that I missed I wouldn’t mind finding out how this story actually goes.  It was moderately interesting and I read fast.


4 thoughts on “Natsuzora ni Kimi to Mitu Yume by Iida Yukiko/Hirao Auri

  1. Have you tried Noragami? I liked it, haven’t finished it. Neglected irritating minor God wants more worshippers. Has a female character i like which is big for me.
    I’ll look into if there is any more of this one for you. I have found many of my manga finds just end. Fullstop. So trying….

    • Tanks for the rec! I’ll try anything ATM.

      Still surprisingly despondent over Bleach’s ending. I mean, honestly find myself feeling vague despair at odd times in the day, wonder at myself and then, say, “Right. That stupid ending.”

      • I loved the categories for your Natsuzora ni kimi to mitu yume manga (which was considered to be ‘finished’ with the last panel in Ch.1 as far as I can tell but not exhaustive research) did you catch this description of it on Baka updates? “Dead Main Character/s Ghost/s Last Will Observant Protagonist Plain-Looking Male Lead Rude Female Lead Slow Romance Stalker/s Strong-Willed Female Lead Summer”
        Love those tags. You know you have a winner.

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