Concierge no Koibito by Takagi Ryo


Okay, so, I accidentally stumbled across this yaoi title while looking for an English language version of Rabuho no Ueno-san/Love Concierge.  Love Concierge sounded charming.  I stumbled across a reference to it on Otaku USA, with the description of the manga being, “based on a love hotel employee’s Twitter account.”

Alas, I never found that manga in English.  I’m not sure it’s ever been scanlated.

Instead, I found porn.  Like you do.





A one-shot 2013 release, Concierge no Koibito by Takagi Ryo is kind of cute, honestly.

The story is, anyway.  I’m not overly fond of this particular kind of wispy art style, but it’s short and porny, and so my standards are not nearly as high as they might be for something more substantial.

The set-up is very romcom, honestly.  It’s like one of the mini-episodes/issues of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun/Girl’s Monthly Nozaki-kun, except gayer and with 200% more naked bits.

Our hero, Hinata has never been kissed.  This is some kind of travesty, apparently, because he’s in college and his BFF, Yuuma, is surrounded by admirers asking for sex advice. Hinata mistakenly thinks that the solution to this is to go on a goukon (a group date) in order to find a girl so that he can ask Yuuma for sex advice, too!

Well, you can probably imagine how this “advice” goes.

Hint: it involves lots of “hands on” demonstrations.

I’ve read hotter yaoi.  The sex is pretty vanilla as these things go, but Yuuma is actually a tender and considerate lover, something you don’t always get in a lot of yaoi.  I’ll admit that I tend to prefer things like Under Grand Hotel and Kinbaku (and a lot of the EVEN raunchier stuff by the same author, Zaria, like Pet Keiyaku) because I am a terrible person with kinky tastes.

But I thought I should just make a habit now of reviewing any manga I read, now that Bleach is over.


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