Tokyo Ghoul vols. 2 – 5







I’m finally catching up with this title, partly because I feel like if I’m going to act like an expert at WorldCON about horror manga/anime and I have nothing to say about Tokyo Ghoul I’m kind of a moron.  Thus, over the course of two days I read volumes 2 – 5.  I’ve got orders in for the rest of these via my library, though I may break and see if I can find a good scanlation somewhere.

As I confessed when I reviewed volume 1, I couldn’t watch this as an anime.

It was too spooky, too splatter-fest, too… much for me, visually.  On the other hand, I rather adore the manga.  I have no idea if the anime gets scenes like this:


But I sure hope so.  These cute, slice-of-life moments go a long way to ‘humanize’ what are essentially demon-vampires.

Our hero, Ken Kaneki, is a little frustrating for someone like me, who used to shounen heroes. Ken spends a lot of the manga being absolutely useless and terrified–and while he has training montages, turns out you have to practice a LOT before that sh*t really works!

Wikipedia tells me this manga is seinen, so I should probably expect this sort of far more realistic  approach to horror.  I mean, really? If I were stuck in a room where a gallery of vampire/demons were planning to eat me along the other people I was with, I probably would legit stand around thinking, “OHGODWHATHOWHEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP,” which is pretty much what Ken does.

And, I don’t suppose the manga would really be horror, if Ken was like *dusts hands on jeans* “Whelp, there’s that problem solved!”

I have to say that, for me, a lot of the interesting stuff is actually happening in the background of this manga.  Like what was up Mado Kureo (the super weird “old man” inspector)?  I feel like half of these investigators are going to turn out to be Ghouls or some other similar kind of ‘monster.’ Also don’t go to the wiki to look up names, Lyda, you get spoilers!  I may be focused on that because of where volume 5 ends, which is when Amon Koutarou is re-assigned to that group of new inspectors, including the one who (is maybe a Ghoul informant? who) chomps on people.

I kind of feel like, in fact, that where I ended is were the really interesting stuff is beginning.  We’ll see!

Who is reading this? Thoughts on how this differs from the anime?


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