Bleach 683 – The Dark Side of Two World Ends

Even if you read the spoilers, you should read the chapter. Go, go get it now:





First off, even if Renji dies, I’m pretty damn happy with this chapter of Bleach.  Aizen fighting alongside Ichigo and Renji?  I have to say that this is a day I have prayed for.  Kind of the only thing that would make this better for me would be if Orihime were there, kicking ass.  Or possibly Urahara, because an Aizen + Urahara team-up is the stuff dreams are made of.

So, okay, the actual chapter.

Kubo-sensei… you really need to see a therapist about this severed arm obsession of yours.


Because now my baby is missing his arm. I guess he and Bazz-B have something more in common…. *sigh*

On the other hand (pun intended), I feel like Kubo may have–for once–had a good reason for this.

As my friend 7emptymirrors says, the key to the various hypnotic illusions in this chapter may be to “follow the arm.” I think she makes a strong and compelling case that it’s Renji that Yhwach is holding up at the end, not Aizen (or Ichigo).

Also, can I take a moment to do the ‘called that sh*t’ dance?


What’s that in your hand Aizen?

I said, I said, I SAID Aizen never lost Kyoka Suigetsu.  And here the zanpakutō is, at his side without even a scabbard to pull it from.  For those who would cry ‘a$$-pull’ I have carefully laid out the argument for this in many venues, plus I feel like Kubo-sensei warned us a dozen times that Aizen still had access not only to his hypnosis power but we also got ‘freaked-out/sweat-drop Urahara’ saying:


Which you could read a bunch of ways, but I feel like it’s another moment where Kubo is telling us… hey, Aizen might just have access to his FULL range of power.

Also, I don’t trust this moment at all:


OMG just say “Shatter” already….

Speaking of release commands, I am also going to pre-emptively ‘call that sh*t’ and tell you all right now Aizen has bankai.

There are just too many moments of perfect hypnosis here.  He’s clearly using Kyoka Suigetsu’s shikai and NOT CALLING A RELEASE COMMAND.  We _know_ that means he has bankai.

My prediction?  If the next chapter really is the last one before Kubo launches a monthly spin-off, the penultimate chapter will be a close-up on Aizen’s smirk and the word: “ban-KAI.”

The last panel: blank.

It’s going to happen, people.

Also?  Can I just say that I really hope that if the next chapter opens with Renji obviously the only Yhwach had in his hand, I really hope that Aizen steps out from behind some rubble and smirks and says:



4 thoughts on “Bleach 683 – The Dark Side of Two World Ends

  1. Dude, it was TOTALLY Renji. I’m reading the chapter now and when “Ichigo missing an arm” lunges, he’s got the bone belt of Renji’s bankai vanishing under the severed arm. I’m worried about what this means for Renji, but I’m hyped if this leads to Aizen calling out what everyone’s wanted him to say for the last decade: “bankai”

  2. I am so lame. I read that totally as Aizen doing his mesmer thing pretending to be BOTH Ichigo and Renji and then fake bleeding as himself in the clutches of the super Y. We got some dialog from Aizen like ‘I will only protect what I need to protect’ and then Ichigo gets a sucker punch in ‘with this sword I will give into the swirling maelstrom of feels I have for my fighting buddies and crush you completely’. Then straight into the live action musical part 5 with a soundtrack by X Japan ft. Babymetal.
    Why is Renji even fighting this guy? His power is too low even if his SP (Shounen Power) is off the charts. Where is his boss? Not even a stray wispy bang or affronted cloak hem to be seen in this chapter.
    I feel like my eyes have those cartoon spirals in them from Aizen’s sneaky trickery. He would totally sacrifice Renji in a second if he could even bother to remember Renji’s name, so I’m hoping that doesn’t actually happen. Maybe Renji can just lose an eye and then completely fit the red headed one eyed orphan trope I adore.
    I’m not convinced that the getsuga tenshou has super Y pinned like a bug yet although he is separated from the black ooze he was dripping all over the place. That could be a good move.
    My Gintama manga is ending. My Nirvana in Fire wuxia drama is over and I may actually die from withdrawal this time. I really need some more action before we get to that blank final panel. Here’s hoping for a few more chapters with fewer panels of nothingness.
    Thanks as always, the annotations are always so useful to the interpretation.

    • A lot of people actually think the way you first did–which is that this whole thing is Aizen’s illusion from start to finish. There are a couple of reasons I don’t think that’s true. One, Aizen almost always has people stand in for him, he doesn’t take on other people’s faces (too narcissistic for that.) Also, why bother to perfect hypnotize both arms back in place to do Hado 99 and then conveniently forget them every SINGLE time Renji/Ichigo is on scene? But it’s still possible. I just don’t think it’s probable. I actually made a bet on it with owl-by-daylight on Tumblr, so we’ll see this week which one of us is right.

      The only reason I’m not currently panicking about Renji is that there are a ton of inconsistencies in this fight in general. It looks for a moment like Yhwach blasted a hole in Ichigo’s side, but it doesn’t show up on “Aizen” at the end. So, while Renji might be being a meat puppet for Aizen (which is why I think Renji is attacking at all btw, remember Momo? She didm ‘t want to go replace Aizen on the battlefield, but she had a post-hypnotic suggestion implanted. Renji served in the 5th. Aizen 100% remembers his name. Aizen fucking recruited Renji from Academy and has been keeping close track of him. Remember? Aizen made sure to talk to Renji FIRST before the lieutenant’s meeting way back in the rescue arc. Aizen is one of the first captains besides Byakuya that we see.) But, so back to my point, even as a meat puppet I’m not sure how much damage Aizen is letting him sustain. He stepped in front of Renji right away, and I think that’s intentional. He’s needs something to project his hypnosis on to (he even says so when he first explains Kyoka Suigetsu’s power–something like “I can make a grasshopper appear to be a dragon” but he never says he can make something from NOTHING.) So, he needs to protect Renji (mostly) until he has Yhwach where he wants him (and possibly Ichigo too.)

      My four and half cents worth.

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