That could probably be the sum total of my review of Bleach 682, but you should probably go read “Two-Sided World End”, yourself:





aizen free.png

cue dramatic music: Aizen is free

Yeah, some other stuff happened in this chapter which I’ll get to in a second, but first: OMG, YOU GUYS, I’VE WAITED FOREVER FOR THIS MOMENT!

Actually, this chapter was jammed-packed with a lot of action, much of it significant, the other percent of it: heartfelt.  We start with Aizen’s “Welcome to my Puerto Rico,Fantasy Island, my Soul Society” line as a kind of teaser (which worked because I legit screamed) and then we cut to the big Daddy return.

In typical Ryuuken style, Ryuuken shoot an arrow at Ishida without a lot of warning and explains that the arrowhead  made of “the A$$ Whaler” as my son called it (actually: Auswhalen). Apparently, the way in which Yhwach killed the Quincy was by causing a kind of silver aneurysm (a silver bullet?  I thought it was Komamura’s people who were the werewolves!) and Ryuuken dug a bunch of that out of dead Quincies, notably his WIFE, and forged this arrowhead with it and now Ryuuken thinks it’d be great if his only son used his mother’s killing bullet to kill her killer.

Works for me.

Then we get this lovely long montage of the two dude bros/bromance Renji + Ichigo chasing after Yhwach through the precipice doorway he left behind.


Gotta knock some sense into the hero again, dammit.

The RenRuki shippers are happy.  The RenIchi shippers are happy. Because, basically, Renji took up a lot of panels to tell Ichigo that he was going to have Ichigo’s back forever and ever because Ichigo fixed the ‘distance’ between him and Rukia.

I actually really loved a lot about this scene because even though I ‘ship’ Renji with someone else, it seems pretty clear to me that Renji loves Rukia. I think he love her as a friend and more.  I think always will.  I DON’T think it means that Renji and Ruia have to be together at the end, because I’m not nearly as convinced that Rukia feels the same, or at least to the same extent.  I don’t mind. All this love can co-exist in the universe. Renji can love Rukia and someone else.  Rukia can like Renji (or love him) and love someone else.  I actually sort of like Renji’s love being unconditional, so there you go.

Also, Renji continues to do sh*t like this which makes me happy:


I ain’t supposed to be the hero, d*ckw*d! YOU ARE.

Then, of course, we get to the marvelous show-down between Aizen and Yhwach.  I hope you all noticed that Yhwach was SURPRISED that Aizen would fight to protect the Soul Society.  Let me say that again: surprised.


Yet, when Ichigo showed up, Yhwach was all “Please, b*itch, I saw you coming and, bam, your bankai is broken again.”

Ichigo looks devastated that his bankai is broken again, but I really don’t think it is. I think Aizen is already all over that and that’s only what Yhwach sees, a perfect hypnosis.  You all know my theory that Aizen never truly lost Kyoka Suigetsu, but even if he did, he clearly still has some kind of power of persuasion over Yhwach since he’s been shown in canon to have messed with Yhwach’s perception of time.

Probably the other great moment of the Aizen/Yhwach face-off is Yhwach getting all psychological on Aizen. And Aizen’s face when he does (and his “… right, so, changing the subject…”)


And lastly, let’s not forget those mourning the loss of their OTP today: Aizen x Chair.  To which my only response is, “Never date a Gemini. This is what you get.” Because first he’s all “chair-kun!” then he’s like, “infernal chair.”


Kids, this is what Aizen is.  Were you really expecting him to be loyal to ANYTHING??

So… yeah, my faith is partly restored. I’ll be honest, though, I got everything *I* wanted in this chapter. Literally, the only thing that would have made it better is if Renji had gotten caught in some kidō blast and lost his shirt and had to fight the rest of the battle half-naked.


Similarly, now I kind of don’t care.  If Aizen is instrumental in the defeat of Yhwach and that wraps up in a couple of chapters, fine.  It’d feel rushed, but I hate Yhwach. I think he’s a one-dimensional villain, so good riddance.  If this supposed monthly spin-off is all the aftermath and thread tying up while fighting Aizen? I’m golden.

Bring it.


2 thoughts on “Bleach 682 – AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

  1. My latent Shounen ending paranoia will happily wait for another day. Lucky readers all. My lost buddies are showing up, I even like the action. I’m either sick or on vacation…

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