Ao no Exorcist 80

Ao no Exorcist has been out a few days now, but if you haven’t caught up with it yet, here’s a link:





When I get depressed about the fact that Bleach may soon be over, I remind myself that all is not lost. We still have Ao no Exorcist.  

Friends of mine have warned me off the anime because they say, the ending is rushed.  I’m happy to say I see no evidence of that in the manga, even though the ending of this chapter seems to point in the same direction as the ending of the anime (so far as I understand it, at any rate, with the return of Satan himself.)

In the meantime, we have this lovely slow build.  The chapter opens with pink-haired traitor, Shima (Renzo), talking to someone on a cell phone about the events of the previous chapter.  When Shima meets up with our heroes he immediately asks what happened to the dragon, Hachirotaro, and Rin is all, “We let him get away.  The Order will watch over him, anyway, he’s tiny.”

Then there’s some interaction with the newly-short-haired boob-sword lady, Ms. Kirigakuri, in which she proclaims that she feels like a new woman, now that this burden has been lifted from her.  She has some flashbacks to the creepy priest dad of Yukio and Rin, but, actually, it’s a nice scene.  When reinforcements arrive, we find out that Yukio is actually badly enough injured that he needs to go to hospital.  After the spiritual paramedic heads off, Yukio has this intriguing moment:


Is he thinking about the power he could have had?  How close he came to being immortal?

Shima certainly thinks so.  He teases him about that and about the fact that Yukio offered to get sword-boob-lady pregnant for the snake-god, and then heads for the *mic drop* in which he points out two things, 1) that Yukio is in longer in any shape to continue his suicide training (which reveals that Shima was Mephisto’s source), and 2) a faster way to kill himself is to join the Illuminati.

Actually, Shima doesn’t put it that way, and yet he kind of does.  He says, “I warned you if you were going to do that [the suicide training], you should get some advice for your own good… or you could just come over to the Illuminati.”

Which when you parse it, appears to read, “If you’re going to keep trying to kill yourself, you should get therapy, or, you know, f*ck it, join the Illuminati, (implied: that’s the same as suicide!)”

And, yet, Yukio doesn’t hear it that way at all.  In fact, just thinking about it makes his heart beat so fast he passes out.

The next thing we know, Yukio is waking up at True Cross General Hospital and he’s given the bad news that it’s going to take him two months to recover.  At his disappointment, Rin, who is still trying to be a good brother, says:


That “or whatever” implies you know exactly what these really are, Rin, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

Speaking of things Rin doesn’t want to think about, boob-sword lady tries to talk to him about how Yukio shot him….


Denial is not just a river in Egypt, Rin!

And, I kind of love sword boob lady for being all, “Eh, never mind” about this because one of my favorite things about Rin’s character is that he really probably wouldn’t even hate his brother even if he thought about it for five seconds.

Dude didn’t even hate people who actively disliked him and considered him evil for being the son of Satan.  He was just like, “Tokyo Tower! I can’t wait to see it! Who’s with me?” making him impossible not to love.

It’s like Satan’s spunk gave all the powers to Rin with ZERO of the evil.  So much no-Evil, in fact, that it went into negative numbers… aka a shounen hero.

The chapter ends with a flash back to Aomori (which, by the way is not only a real place, but where my Japanese teach is original from) where Shima finds the tiny rape-y-snake-god with the help of his demon staff (Yamantaka) and bundles the shrunken god off to secretly give to the Illuminati and Lucifer:


So, it looks as if Lucifer is going to step-up plans to revive Satan because collecting material is getting more difficult now that there are all these new Exorcists running about doing things (which was probably in response to them having stirred stuff up in their collecting…)

At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see where things go from here.  I’m still very much enjoying this manga.  It’s one of my favorites at the moment.


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