The End – Bleach 629

Mason and I will be doing a podcast later today, but I wanted to get a few thoughts down about the latest chapter.  If you haven’t read it, go:  (minor spoiler: bring Kleenex)






This is pretty much my entire reaction.

Yet, I kind of called it. I didn’t want this to be how things went, but it really did seem to be building towards Ichigo’s death. Yhwach is about to get the shock we’ve all bee waiting for since he’s hungrily ready to absorb Ichigo:



I hope you choke on Ichigo’s Hollow Soul, Yhwach. You have been the sh*ttist, most OP, most BORING villain in the history of Bleach.

For everyone out there hoping for a rescue… it could happen, but Yhwach won’t die until he completely absorbs Ichigo.  I’m fully expecting the friends/dads to arrive TOO LATE.

Gird your loins.  It could happen that way.

I don’t think, even if it does, Ichigo will be dead dead.  But, even Kyoraku was sure Ichigo wasn’t coming back from this one. When he’s revived, Ichigo will be something very different–probably something perfectly poised to be the Soul King.

I am, however, disappointed.

I’m mad because it looks like Ishida has run off with Orihime’s power and Orihime is lying crumpled on the floor.


If Kubo-sensei has given away the cool superpowers of yet-another-woman and given it to yet-another-man, I may break something.  Because f*ck you, Hashbrown, the person PERFECTLY POISED to be the antithesis of Yhwach was ORIHIME. She’s had the power to reject phenomenon since the beginning, not just suddenly, with no build-up. She’s been sitting on that power forever.


If this whole manga ends without Orihime getting to reverse something major (like f*cking Yhwach’s multiverse-futures) then, f*ck you, Kubo-sensei.  I just… I mean, why would he name her Orihime?  Why would he go to such pains to let Aizen build her up in the Hueco Mundo arc with all his talk about ‘phenomenon rejecting’ and how the hogyoku “recognized” her?

What will really bug me if nothing happens with her, is that Kubo remembers bullish*t lines from Hichigo “I’m Zangetsu” and draws them in for these absolutely wonderful, astounding reveals… but isn’t willing to do that for her?

Not okay.

Also, when has Ishida ever shown any inclination towards this “schrift”? The Zangetsu reveal was perfectly well signaled… if you hunted. Where’s this one?

Just as I’ve long suspected “schrift” is German for “a$$-pull.”


5 thoughts on “The End – Bleach 629

  1. Yikes. Oh Uryuu, you looked so pleased with yourself there for a second. Then the Hashbrown did his thing. Sigh.
    And in the things could always be horribly worse category, did you catch what Kubo is watching these days?


  2. I wonder if he’s watching the execrable 1990s version or the passably better seeing where it is in TV history but still wretched 1980s original flavour. Ugh. Actually I just don’t want to know. Donna Martin playing Orihime should never be imagined.

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