Horn of Salvation – Bleach 676

Mangastream has Bleach 676 up… and has since early this morning, but I had to work, so I’m only now getting now to a review. So, go get it.  It’s a fast read, so I’ll wait.






He ridiculously adorable, no? (Color edit by c3-elly)

There’s actually not a whole, huge lot to say about this chapter, honestly.  IchiHime fans are freaking out over the fact that several panels were devoted to Ichigo reassuring Orihime that he was in charge in this form.  I mean, I’m a multi-shipper, so, yeah, that’s super cute, no doubt.  Ichigo is adorable and EXCELLENT boyfriend material.

But… the story sort of required this interaction.

Thing is, Orihime is the only person (besides Ishida, who is currently occupied fighting Hashwaldt) who saw Vasto Lorde Ichigo.


..who we all think is badass and awesome, but who would be, in Real Life ™, absolutely terrifying–especially since he was so completely ruthlessly mindless that he didn’t seem to want to stop killing, even after Ulquiorra was defeated.

So, he had to assure Orihime that he wasn’t THAT guy, just part of him, and that he was in control of his actions.

Probably the only real other thing of substance is that Kubo-sensei give Ichigo an “I will explain my powers to the enemy” moment:


Though it doesn’t really tell Ywach EXACTLY what it does or how it works, it’s just funny that NO ONE in fandom is complaining about this one.

There is fighting, much fighting, and more fighting in which Ichigo is badass and grabs Yhwach’s sword in his bare hands, and then to everyone’s utter joy and amazement, Ichigo makes a gran rey cero… and the rest of fandom pretty much lost their sh*t.

Some people seem to be under the impression that this is the first time Ichigo has made a cero, but it’s not.


Maybe this isn’t a ‘gran rey cero,’ but it’s a cero of some sort…

However, it is the first time Ichigo has combined a cero with Getsuga Tensho, and I really love the way that the center of the combo cero is a little half moon.  (Cool, Kubo-sensei. Serious props, man.)

Some folks on Tumblr seem to be under the impression that the ‘gran rey cero’ is specifically something ONLY Grimmjow has used (Bleach wiki claims all Espada, but wiki is also full of sh*t more often than not.)

Also, I think I missed the part where Ichigo is feeding some of his own blood into the technique (still not sure that’s what’s happening in that panel, but hey)… which is definitely different than a regular cero… so, yeah, okay maybe this is more exciting than I’d realized.  I think there’s two parts that are noteworthy about this development and that’s 1) that the blood stuff not ONLY mimics his boyfriend’s Grimmjow’s technique, but 2) is a connection to Isshin, who also used blood to trigger his Engetsu’s gran rey cero shikai technique.

Someone else had thought that Ichigo had said that his Hollow part came from his father, but if you read closely above you see that he said “within himself.”

However, the fact that lots of Shinigami basically have Hollow techniques should be a surprise to no one.  I noticed right away how much Hihio Zabimaru looked like a Hollow’s mask and shot a very cero-like ‘baboon bone canon.’ I might also be the only fan on record who originally thought that what Captain Komamura was going to have hidden under his bucket helmet was a Hollow mask… but I think that only shows how closely I imagined Hollows and Shinigami were connected from the very, very start.  So, it’s not unreasonable to think that Ichigo’s Hollow parts were inherited from Isshin.  Shinigami and Hollow are two parts of the same thing.

So while there wasn’t a lot of specific stuff to pick apart in this chapter, it really was a doozy.

I will leave you all with the little silly thought I had that I posted earlier on Tumblr, which is that I can easily imagine Isshin seeing Ichigo in this new form and making some bad “dad” joke to Ichigo,  like, “Ha! I see you’ve finally turned into a horny teenager!”

“Horny” because of his horn… and horny teenager… get it?  Get it?


But can’t you see Dummo Vaguely-Inappropriate Dad saying that?


2 thoughts on “Horn of Salvation – Bleach 676

  1. I know you hate him but I like goat face (and his incredible sacrifice for love and duty) and yes I can totally hear him making a terrible dad joke about horny horn dogs. Those Shibas are all nuts for sure.

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