Promise – Attack on Titan #81

Okay, apparently, I just didn’t want to cope with reviewing this when it first came out, but, so you’ve probably read it and forgotten it already, but MangaStream still has it up:





When last we left our intrepid heroes, they were making a suicide run toward the wall of Titans who were bombarding the wall of Maria with rocks. The very first thing Commander Eyebrows does, is die.


OMFG, Erwin, can you do NOTHING right?

Worse, that’s one less horse for the survivors.

The brave fools rush on and more people die stupidly, while the Ape Titan reminds us that they are, in fact, all idiots.  The second wave manages to fire off smoke signals, which is actually helpful because it means Levi gets through undetected.  And, gets to be really, really f*cking bada$$.


F*cking kill him, Levi.  I mean, at least do something awesome.

Except, uncharacteristically, Levi hesitates.  He’s a little shocked to discover absolutely none of his comrades seem to have made it, and he considers giving anyone still breathing “the injection” (is this from the church fight?) and turn them into Titans and let them eat the Ape Titan to gain his powers.


Um… could you look more phallic?

But then he thinks, “But I can bring back, only one man”…


Really?  Eyebrows?  I mean, I know he’s your lover in al the fics, Levi, but I had more sympathy for random solider #8 who wondered what dying felt like, just before his head was blown off

..And, Levi hesitates just long enough for the weird beast-of-burden Titan thing to bound up and take Papa Ape Titan away with him.  That leaves Levi facing down the other side of the Titan line, alone.

Frankly, I’m not all that worried about him. I mean, yes, this is the manga known for killing EVERYONE, but Levi is pretty determined to survive. Also, if he has the injection on him? We could get Levi! Titan, and I would actually pay money to see that.

We get a very typical Isayama-sensei panel in which one lone guy picks himself up out of the scattered corpses and starts limping back to the wall, hopelessly.

The scene cuts to inside the wall where we discover that, even though Reiner’s head was literally blown in two,


Just a friendly visual reminder!

…somehow the Armored Titan is back.  At least, Armin wakes up and has a Plan ™. He figures out that the Colossal Titan is leaking energy, getting thinner, and Armin decides that means that they can wear him down.  So, he leaves Jean and Mikasa to deal with the Armored Golem, and runs off to wake up Erin with the battle cry of “Let’s see the ocean!”

At least the chapter ends on a positive note, and all I can say is that I agree with Jean when he says:



2 thoughts on “Promise – Attack on Titan #81

  1. Just had the cataclysmic ear worm of ‘Cake by the Ocean’ by DNCE start up right when I read the bit about “Let’s see the ocean.”
    Wanders back out of the blog humming stupid catchy song…..

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