Son of Darkness – Bleach 672

New Bleach chapter is out super-early thanks, I think, in part to a Korean leak. (I only say that because I was seeing art with Korean dialogue early this morning on Tumblr. Also, maybe whoever leaked it is an IchiHime shipper…?) But, I don’t care how it got here, MangaStream has it, and I read it. You should too:






Uh, yes, Toshiro, he is.  If you’d maybe read the previous chapters, you might have guessed this was going to happen.

Because, d’uh.

Let’s see, when we first met Thor/”Miracle,” Renji trashed him and then, for good measure, Byakuya double-whammed him with Senbonzakura.

Now why Byakuya thought that doing it AGAIN was going to do anything new, I’m not sure.  I mean, I suppose he hoped that Toshiro’s power-up was more than fan service and had, in fact, “frozen” Thor’s ability to use his miracle power. But, as I pointed out to fellow fans, the man is LITERALLY called “Miracle.” Do we really expect miracles to follow the laws of nature [or even Kubo Science ™]?

And, so, he’s back.


The other part of the chapter was IchiHime heaven and that particular corner of Tumblr is having a reaction shot fiesta over all of this.  To be fair, I’m equally excited at the prospect of Orihime actually getting to do SOMETHING. I will be fairly frustrated if a character that Kubo-sensei intentionally named after the Daughter of the Sky King does nothing of value in the fight for the Soul Realm. I mean, come ON.

So, you know, I’m kind of squeeing, too, just for different reasons. Especially since my friend 7emptymirrors, pointed out that in the dream version of the Ichigo/Yhwach confrontation, Yhwach doesn’t seem to know that Orihime is there. I mean, it would be neat if he has a blind spot to her.  There are, at least, we know, limits to this All-Seeing power Yhwach has, because Hashwaldt could be surprised, too (and they transfer power back and forth.)

So, I don’t know. That’s a development I’m watching carefully.

Also, owl-in-daylight pointed out that in Yhwach’s first dream version of the confrontation, Ichigo is in his original costume, EVEN THOUGH Yhwach has since seen Ichigo since (most notably when he forced Ichigo to slay the Soul King… he should have been very aware of Ichigo’s new powers then, too, since he activated Ichigo’s blut or whatever Quincy thingie).

There are questions flying around now about why that would be.  I mean, was it just Kubo being poetic because we’re so close to the end, or is it indicative of some other “blind spot” of Yhwach’s?  I don’t know, and it’s another thing I’ll be watching closely.

I’m really, really hoping we’re going to get to some real story about the Quincy finally.  I want to know SO MUCH.  And, Kubo has given us so little.  I mean, outside of revenge for (not very successful) genocide, we don’t really know what the heck the Quincy really want out of this war.  Askin kind of implied that Yhwach really just wants to tear it all down and he was cool with that, even if it meant his own destruction, because… because all the Quincy seem a little insane.

Insanity is a terrifying villain, but I kind of still hope we’re going to get more story than that.

Fingers crossed this next chapter is going to give us some of that. Barring that?  I hope Orihime gets to kick some ass (and not have to die for it, like a lot of the women “helpers” so far.)


One thought on “Son of Darkness – Bleach 672

  1. I think you may be waiting a bit for Orihime to do anything to anyone. Perhaps she’s quit already to get a job in the new ‘Anne of Green Gables’ I hear is in production this year.
    Anime recommendation drive-by, apologies but I am super excited. As I was following the career, coff stalking, my favourite anime voice actor Kazuya Nakai (Zoro – One Piece, Hijikata Toshiro – Gintama, Mugen – Samurai Champloo) I came across this funny little charmer: “Kekkai Sensen” or ‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’. If you haven’t tried it already it is grungy sci-fi with interesting weaponry. The PhD in me wants to parse all the tropes but it avoids pastiche I think. It may become terrible, I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes. Also incredibly cute dancing in the credits.
    I wasn’t that fond of the manga but the anime is intriguing. And the character Zepp, voiced by Kazuya, fits my Gin trope criteria completely. Woah this post is grindingly nerdy…and not about Bleach.

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