Perfect Crimson 2 – Bleach 671


Sweetie, you think?

Bleach 671 is out so go get it.  There’s not a lot to talk about, so I’ll wait while you swoon over the amazingness that is Hot!Hitsugaya… (hint: it’s pretty damned swoon-worthy, no matter your gender, sexual/affectional preference, at least for my money. Kubo-sensei knows how to draw HOT, I’ll give him that.)





So, okay, the only thing about Hitsugaya’s ‘mature’ power that I’m not getting is, how come it doesn’t work to freeze the effectiveness of EVERYONE’S powers?  I was actually expecting him to have nullified everyone’s effectiveness in a certain radius, which would have made some sense to me as to why he might be reluctant to use it. But, apparently Hyōrinmaru is sentient enough to work on only what they’re pointed at… or, just somehow knows “enemy” from “friendly.”

Note: this would be interesting to see developed, if it’s true.  Like, it reminds me of how Zabimaru gave Renji a “fake”/immature bankai, basically, because they didn’t want to fight Byakuya (they specifically wanted a re-match with Ichigo).  So, it would be fascinating to later see Hyōrinmaru stop the “wrong” person’s power.

But, I’m not sure Kubo-sensei is really thinking that hard about it.  The way Toshiro describes his powers made me think of this essay that I re-blogged at The Shouten the other day:

The OP suggested that Rukia’s powers are actually entropy.  The thing about her powers, however, is that they DO affect everything around her… even herself. So, I’m not entirely getting how Toshiro’s powers are working so specifically on Thor… unless it’s not entropy, and Kubo will explain it next time.

It is, as my friend calls it Kubo Science ™!

The other things that happen in the chapter are that we discover Kenpachi is still not only still alive, but able to topple GiganThor by lifting up up his foot.  He seems to be back to his “old self” and not in oni-form, which kind of just makes him more bada$$ in my book.

Finally, things end on their usual cliffhanger, when we learn that Byakuya, too, has received a Soul Realm upgrade.  He now has a technique called:


F*cuking “SLAUGHTERSCAPE”… I can’t even, that’s so… GREAT.

And, it looks like this: (which is pretty cool)


I saw this translation on the side, “One Bite, Thousand Blade Flowers” and I instantly Skyped a friend of mine to all-caps: OTP CONFIRMED.  Because seriously, when has the word “bite” ever been associated with Byakuya?  It’s pretty much a go-to word, however, for Renji.  Also this whole “A wild, savage dance of blades…” I mean, dang, that doesn’t sound very NOBLE, does it??

Though, you know, now that I think about it, it also brings my crack ship more life… savage?  Bite vs. Drink?


But, so, okay, I still think this is stupid.  I don’t know why Byakuya, of all people, still thinks that hitting Thor with everything he has is a good idea.  After all, the last time Byakuya used this strategy IT TOTALLY BACKFIRED AND THORE BECAME A TITAN.

So, I mean, seriously, why is this going to work?

Unless we’re supposed to think that Toshiro’s powers have nullified this other power?  I mean, maybe? But, I guess we’ll see.

Personally, I still want to see Yumichika ‘come out.’

If he doesn’t?  I may kick someone. (or at least a chair. Several times. Until my toe hurts, damn it.)


3 thoughts on “Perfect Crimson 2 – Bleach 671

  1. I keep threatening emptily it seems to never read this darn thing again and then here I am again somehow. I’m interested in finding out just what is going on with these shinigami 2.0+ versions of themselves. Fascinating! Shit’s got to develop over time even in Shounen or you just have endless SwordArtOnline plots. Lost track of all the upgrades and conversions so far but maybe I’ll make a spreadsheet.
    I recently made a daring move over to lengthy Chinese wuxia soaps. Shounen is a kango word of course. Makes perfect sense (well to me anyway…)
    I think once Tribes and Empires comes out later this year I will be happier and Bleach will quietly drop down the list. Chinese real people Game of Thrones-y trailer here ( There was a 6 minute trailer I won’t subject you to but there was completely excited wig losing mayhem at home when we watched it.

    • You know, I’m really glad to hear you snark about SAO. I could NOT get into that show and I thought I might be defective since everyone (okay at least two other people) RAVED about it.

      Also? It’s sort of sad the extent to which Bleach lends itself to spreadsheets.

      And, you know, I’ll probably never give up on it, even though I get frustrated. I really think Kubo has it in him to make good story. It’s just wether or not he will/is allowed. As I’ve said at least once, he’s got a shitty deadline. I tried to write a good story where I was posting once a week, but that is HARD. And, I wasn’t even trying to draw it. But, that’s still no excuse in a way. Especially since when he has fire in his belly, Kubo has proven he CAN do it.

      I’ll check out the trailer. You know I love me some wire-jumping Hong Kong films, so if this is anything like that I’ll be sold.

      • While we are waiting for the insane Novoland drama referenced above to come out, we tried a relatively new version of the Swordsman (2013) which among other things has gender fluidity, eunuchs, a-mazing costuming and some good laughs as well as great fights. Based on a novel that was wildly popular. The 56 or so episode length doesn’t hurt either. YouTube has all episode with subs I think. Anyhow, I’m gonna swirl away in my period costume and leave you for now.

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