Bigger, Stronger, Faster… Or something like that: Bleach 667

Bleach is out, go get it. I’ll wait, because it’s not going to take you that long to read all of it.





I’m afraid that I don’t really have  much to say, except WHAT THE LIVING HELL NO, KUBO, NO.


Seriously? Did you just bring back Kenpachi Zaraki only to cut him in half?  The f*ck, man.

So… yeah.

Plus, this is that same-old, same-old  “yay, our favorite fighter is back… oh, I guess the Quincy are super-duper OP… never mind, good feeling gone…” that Kubo-sensei has pulled time and time again in this Thousand Year Blood War arc.

There was some fun banter.  There was even a brief, serious discussion to re-con the whole idea that Kenpachi was always in release.  So that’s now Word of God, (which bums me out, because I had really loved that idea/theory.  Though it had been pointed out to me that the kind of sword Kenpachi wields is actually a real type of sword…so maybe I should’ve seen it coming.  *sigh*)  I guess there’s a little speculation about who (or what) is waking up at the very beginning of this chapter.  My friend and I are pulling for it to be Yachiru (if only because I’m pretty sure Kenpachi would have said, “Where the f*ck am I?” and also he was already on scene, so why flash back to waking up in the capsule at that moment?), but some people are saying that’s exactly what it is–a brief flashback to explain how Kenpachi showed up with both arms intact.

So, there were a few moments, but mostly it was Kenpachi breaking sh*t, but I’m as much a Zaraki fan as any so I like that all right, so it was fine… UNTIL THE END.

Seriously, Kubo.  Get a new schtick.

Or, failing that, please let Yachiru show up next chapter so we can get some closure as to what she is, exactly.


One thought on “Bigger, Stronger, Faster… Or something like that: Bleach 667

  1. The shtick stick is now commencing its beating of the reader.
    Because Kubo’s target audience is not actually me (coff) women of a certain age and experience (coff) I should not be surprised to read a glowingly excited review of this chapter on dailyanimeart written by someone who I am guessing is actually the target audience.
    I should have known to manage my expectations as Shonen dictates. Thanks as always for your chapter summaries.
    The trumpet sounds, our ears prick up and I hear the clarion call. “To the fanfiction!”

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