Kicking Eren to the Curb – SnK 79

Shingeki no Kyojin (a.k.a. Attack on Titan) #79 is out. Go read it.  We’ll chat after you’ve had a chance….






Oh, sh*t, I was supposed to bring the plan? I thought you had the plan! Cripes, who has the plan?  Armin, do you have the plan?  No?  Anyone?  Anyone?  …??   Jean….?

Turns out, the only guy with a plan was, in fact, Jean, and Jean’s entire plan consists of “we’ll think of something.”

This chapter was more of the clusterf*ck that is Commander Eyebrows’ so-called strategy.  We probably remember from the last chapter that Erwin has pretty much admitted to himself that his big plan is mostly avoiding death by letting other people die for him (remember that lovely image of him standing on the bodies of the fallen?)

So, yeah, he has no plan.

Both teams are boxed in by the Ape Titan on one side and the Colossal Titan on the other, a Wall of Maria version of Scylla and Charybdis, complete with sirens (the small titans, or perhaps, if you prefer Eren’s ‘call,’ that KINDA worked on the Colossal Titan).



Did sempai notice us? ….nah.

For me, the only thing about this chapter that interested me was that, on both sides of the wall, we had a brief insight into why it’s important to have armchair strategists and field commanders.  On Erwin’s side of the wall, Levi jumps into action to consider the fate of the all-important horses (their only real escape, so yeah, actually.)  On Armin’s side, it’s Jean who realizes that sometimes the plan is just to do SOMETHING, anything. Because, ultimately, just sitting on your thumbs is a stupid way to die, and Jean has pledged to go out in a blaze of glory.

Honestly?  I actually really appreciated Jean in this chapter.  He acted like a shounen hero, which probably means he’s doomed.

But, I liked that Jean was, like: hey, I don’t have a long term exit strategy, but, screw it, let’s just try stuff until something sticks–which may seem dumb and reckless, yet he was the one who could at LEAST visualize that the shifters had a plan (even if we didn’t).

Armin was really pretty useless.

Erwin has no plan.

Le sigh.

I am really struggling to keep up my interest in SnK.  The problem this time, for me, is that the last chapter ended with Bertholdt shouting about his reasons for this fight.  Ah, yes, here it is:


I guess my little shipper heart misread the “I’m coming for you” to mean that Berholdt gave some craps for Reiner, who, when we last saw him was missing the top of his head.

BTW, I’m still:



Anyway, at this point, I’m  beginning to think maybe “I’m coming for you!!” is actually going to end up as some kind of boring desire for revenge on humanity… or something.  I really don’t know, and not knowing is starting to kill my interest in this manga.

Maybe if I understood better what the Shifters wanted?

Frankly, I’ve felt cheated out of the Shifters’ subplot since Annie went and crystalized herself rather than face “questioning,” (of course now that we know that interrogation usually involves ripping out people’s fingernails, I kind of get her desperation to stay the bloody hell away from all that.)  But, you know, that would have been a lovely opportunity to actually learn something about what the Shifters are after, who our “enemy” is, what they want, why they’re “bad.”

Similarly, Eren and Christina/Historia’s capture (way back about the same time) would have been a great opportunity to take those two back to whatever Shifter HQ is for a little bit of recruitment speechifying, a heart-t0-heart, info dumping…. anything!

I mean, I feel like if someone spent the time to tell (or even lie to)  Eren about a sympathetic backstory for the Shifters, he’d probably be the first guy to sign up, you know?

I mean, maybe the mangaka is still trying to be innovative and shocking… but it’s not working.

Not for me, anyway.

Like Berholdt, I’m ready to kick Eren to the curb…



2 thoughts on “Kicking Eren to the Curb – SnK 79

  1. Honestly, I’m hoping that Eren knocking into the wall will finally bring everything together. Remember that there’s titans inside the walls (presumably the ones who made the walls). I’m guessing that kicking Eren will end up with having part of the outer wall break away into an opposing army of titan shifters on humanity’s side. With any luck, they’ll rally around Eren’s Titan Cry and then we’ll FINALLY get some dang answers about the titans and titan shifters.

    Otherwise… there’s only so long we can go with only more questions and no answers.

    • You know, I HAD forgotten that there are Titans *inside* the wall too. Given that, I’m surprised his “cry,” didn’t wake them… or maybe it did/will? Agreed, if we get answers next time, it will go a LONG way.

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