Tragic Salaryman Okumura 19 & 20

The Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist spin-off Salaryman Futsumashi Okumura Yukio no Aishuu 19 & 20 are out.  Go read them, they’re amusing.





Both of the chapters center around New Year’s traditions in Japan. The first, “The Sorrows of New Year’s Eve” (19) involve plant girl (Shiemei)’s attempt to make a traditional New Year’s food “Toshikoshi Nabe” (usually soba, according to the translator.) Of course, like a lot of cute anime girls, Shiemei’s cooking talents are… interesting.  But our polite sons of Satan are ready to give it a try, especially since she went to the trouble.  She runs off to quickly buy some green onions she forgot, and Rin and Yukio brave the kitchen in a hopes that what they find won’t be too awful.  Predictably they try something in a soba bowl:


Pretty much any other idiot knows that these are succulent plants, but not our boys!  Tjey bravely start to eat these potted plants, until Sheimei comes back and they discover the error of their ways.

It’s at least the kind of humor I can appreciate and understand, so I give this little short a (green) thumbs up.  (See what I did there.)

The 20th chapter, “The Sorrows of New Year’s Eve – Kyoto Edition” follows Bon’s crew as they visit a shrine for the annual ringing of the bell.  Everything is going along until pink-haired dude complains.


Then… weirdness ensues.  Kin-nii (Kinzo Shima) is super-drunk and finds the antics of a stray dog, which is peeing on the side of the shrine hilarious, and attempts to get the dog to pee on the pink-haired traitor boy (Renz0 Shima), his younger brother.

Pretty much this is the entire gag:


Luckily, I have an inner 12-year old boy and I find peeing hilarious.  The chapter ends when the younger Shima is no longer able to dodge the ungodly amount of piss the puppy manages to pump out and get some on his hands.  The gag ends with him chasing down someone to wipe his hands on.

The end.

You got to love these gag reels. Seriously.  I learn so much. Yes. These are very educational.


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