Bleach 662 – God of Thunder 3

Bleach 662 is out early.  I maybe should have known it was coming because on Monday Salaryman Futusmashi Okumura Yukio no Aishuee #19 showed up in my notifications box (which I’ll review tomorrow.)





A lot of fandom was hoping for a romance for Valentine’s day week.  I’m happy to say, we totally got it.  Well, I mean, if you think ‘stuffed ass’ jokes are romantic, which when it comes from Urahara/Yourichi, I’m fairly willing to roll.


Her butt almost even looks like a HEART.  Thanks, Kubo-sensei!

Plus, Yourichi might have been the BUTT (see what I did there) of a lot of fan service, she still got this line:


Me, too, sister.  Me, too.

The rest of the chapter was a lot of classic Yourichi/Urahara banter. I particularly loved Urahara’s non-consentual flip-chart.  (Sorry, but you’re about to turn into a Neko!Yorichi in 3…2.. 1.)


I know you said “No,” to turning into Neko!Yourichi, honey, but I have a neat peel-off magi-science-y thing! Peel-off! Science-y! So much better than consent!

The other fun thing we learn is that Urahara is of interest to the Quincy for the EXACT SAME REASON AS FANDOM: which is to say, that we have no idea what his super-powers are and want to know NOW.  But, the end result is, among the Quincy, Urahara is considered “the unknown.” Also, it’s implied that Ywach can’t tell the future when Urahara is in it, because he’s so… unpredictable.


Fandom right now…

On the other hand, this is pretty classic Kubo-sensei humor.  For me, what I’m happy about is that I think that if anyone is positioned to fight the Quincy (who seem to be the kings and queens of the super-power ass-pull,) because he’s the guy (like Mayuri) who can say, ‘oh, nice ass-pull, but *I* invented the antidote to ass-pull three weeks ago! And viola!  Here’s my ass-pull ass-pull save!”

Unfortunately, Mayuri is sidelined now.  I’m a little worried that’s the future for these, two, also, which would SUCK.  Because, I get that there’s a good reason to take out some of the powerhouses, I really, really want Urahara to be there in the final reel. (Yourichi, too!) I do NOT WANT him (& her) in a healing capsule waiting out the big tah-dah. NO.  NOPE. NOT OKAY, KUBO.

And the current pattern is: big-reveal of power we’ve been waiting forever to see (Kyoruku’s bankai, Kenpachi’s shikai, etc.) and then the character is sidelined.  If that happens here, there will be GROSS sobbing.

Because I missed this guy:


I missed him a lot.


2 thoughts on “Bleach 662 – God of Thunder 3

  1. Yes, that was interesting news. I’m a little disappointed that no women made the Quincy’s list, but I guess that just means they underestimated us and we get to surprise them. 🙂

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