Bleach 661 – My Last Words

My last words will be: “OMG THE SHIPPING WARS, HELP!!”  To find out what I mean, please check out the latest Bleach chapter, 661 at Mangastream.





So, the story continues with Kubo finally saying out loud many things we’ve kind of known, or at least suspected for a long time.

More underlining of the fact Ishida was never a traitor (and, as Orihime says, “the Ishida-kun we knew and loved all along”), and now, in this chapter, Hashwaldt has shown a bit of his own hand.

That is, while he’s NOT PRECISELY a traitor himself, he will more than happily point out that “YWACH IS TOTALLY VULNERABLE RIGHT NOW, while I am in charge, JUST IN CASE YOU HAD SOME PLANS THAT MIGHT INCLUDE KILLING HIM WHILE HE SLEEPS.” Which he manages to give away, while keeping just enough ‘deniability’ for when Ywach wakes up again. “What, who? Me? No, no, Ishida figured that out all on his own.”

So my complaints last week that Hashwaldt’s complications have been underutilized? I take them back.

I actually have to take a moment to be impressed here, because what Kubo is giving us in Hashwaldt is a kind of Shindler.  He’s in the enemy camp, he has to put up a good show and play by those rules (under intense scrutiny), but he’s opening backdoors at the same time.  That’s actually… complex and interesting and the kind of sh*t I really adore. I mean, talk about fan fic fodder….

Speaking of sh*t I adore….


This panel is everything I have ever loved about any shounen manga/anime, anywhere. In fact, Ishida is sounding a lot like Ichigo.  If I may quote, yet again, my favorite Ichigo line in the history of all time:

… If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist. There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong blade, and enough strength… to shatter fate.”

(I swear to fate, that if that wasn’t so long, I’d want that as a tattoo over my heart.)

The rest of the chapter has Ichigo and crew headed off to kill/destroy/defeat Ywach… the highlights there being that Chad not only gets to land a punch, but also give his signature ‘thumbs up.’  Likewise, the boar-riding dope Ganju Shiba makes a “self-proclaimed” dramatic (re-)entrance, proving that Kubo-sensei did not entirely forget that Ganju was supposed to be there (which means we can have hope for some of the other ‘forgotten’ characters such as Hanataro and Kon…. and Nel and… poor, catnapping Grimmjow.)

Now, on to the important news…. unfortunately for the constant raging fan ship war in Bleach, Ichigo hug/saved Orihime in this chapter.



Seriously, that’s pretty much Tumblr right now.

This two second, impulsive moment is all the fuel the raging IchiHime people need to take over Tumblr with their assertions that this is the one and ONLY true ship for Ichigo (poor ace Ichigo, he’ll never get a break from any of the shippers.)

Meanwhile, just to add to the shipping commotion, the usually, completely ignored IchiIshi shippers get this moment:


Dat smile tho’

Seriously, that smile rivals the one Ichigo gave Grimmjow… and we all know that was proof positive that Ichigo and Grimmjow have been secret boyfriends for years.

But just in case the IchiRuki people want something to “prove” that Orihime has moved on , there was plenty of fuel for potential IshiHime in this chapter as well, since Orihime was moved to tears that Ishida isn’t a traitor.


So, you know, a big THANK YOU to Kubo-sensei, for revitalizing the ship wars in his fandom.

I mean, in someways, I’m serious.  The more people argue about this stuff, the more vitality we continue to have.  I just… this IchiRuki/IchiHime thing can be so… vitriolic. (I worry that people actually bully fans out of our fandom by being so f*cking strident about it all.)

Personally, I think we should all just ship Ace!Ichigo and RukiHime and peace be upon us all.*

*please note, I’m a multi shipper. I just hate all the haters.



3 thoughts on “Bleach 661 – My Last Words

  1. Honestly, I completely agree with you– and thankfully the wars have completely evaded my Tumblr feed, which is a blessing, the shipping wars in this fandom really breaks my heart. It’s absolutely unnecessary to be so absolutely disgusting towards someone else. Just let people ship what they want. (I’ve also been holding out hope for a while that there is an ace character in Bleach, it would make my day as an average trash ace.) I’m intrigued for what Kubo has in store for us on the pain train.

    • I really think a case could be made for ace Ichigo, but I’m not holding my breath. (Though I am writing the fan fic, because that’s what you DO.) 🙂

      And, yeah, the ship wars in our fandom are blindingly awful. I don’t understand it, honestly. Maybe because I’m as queer as they come? There’s never been any hopes for canon of my ships, so I just don’t get this do or die-ness of some of the folks who push these het ships, you know?

      • I’ve been in other fandoms, and none of them has had it as bad as the Bleach fandom does. I’m not sure why it’s so bad, really. I just don’t get why people are so awful to others just because they don’t ship what they ship. I just don’t understand. I’ll just stay in my corner shipping everything (I mean, there is no reason why not, none of them are going to happen) and try to ward off the hate.

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