Ding-Dong, the… Shingeki no Kyojin 77

So, Shingeki no Kyojin (aka Attack on Titan) #77 is up on MangaPanda… go, if you dare.







This happened.


Okay, let me re-group and start at the beginning.  The chapter actually starts with a flashback that, I have to admit, I first misread, because my brain processed the picture before the words.

I saw Marco and my first thought was, “OMG! AWESOME! It’s just like that fan theory where Marco wasn’t the barely identifiable, ruined half-corpse, but with the Shifters from the start!  Cool, look at him, still alive and so cute and… … … oh, wait….”



Oh, it gets WORSE, because not only do I have to watch Marco die AGAIN, now I have to find out that Reiner, Berholdt, and Anne all contrived to kill him.

…And, even worse that that?

It feels fake.  It feels like a retcon.  In fact, I’m guessing that’s all here so I can feel slightly better about this…


Yeah, nope… still extraordinarily bummed out…

I guess the mangaka is willing to admit that Reiner’s death is a really big bummer, because he allowed Jean, Connie, and Sasha to cry about it.


Even Armin has to take some time to talk himself into the idea that killing Reiner was the only option. (Not so sure I agree. His big thought was: ‘well, I guess since we don’t have the ability to contain/restrain Shifter, so blowing the back of his head off is the remaining choice.’)

After all this wailing and gnashing of teeth, we get the final salvo.  The dead body of the armored Titan screams, a signal to the Ape Titan to launch a barrel.


A bomb?  Nope… inside the barrel is the Colossal Titan, Berholdt.  The plan, apparently, is to have Berholdt drop down over Reiner’s smoldering remains and changing into his Titan form and kick ass and take names

.mad bernholdt.jpg

And that’s where it ends.

I have mixed feelings about this chapter, as well as a boatload of FEELS. Why is it all my SnK ships are half dead? Why did the mangaka feel the need to spray NO HOMO all over my precious cinnamon buns with the whole ‘your beloved Annie’ bullish*t?

I also want something more from the shifters than, “grrr, those evil humans!”


My friend and I were trying to remember what we know about the Shifter’s plot so far.  Eren’s dad, probably this guy:


The ape shifter, whose basement is somewhere nearby, attempted to kill the royal family to… eat their secrets? Only it didn’t work because he wasn’t “of the blood.” Something happened that night that involved Eren who maybe ate his dad (or part of him,) but I’m unclear on the details.  We also learned that Eren’s dad might be some kind of natural Shifter since he came in from outside the walls, because, well, people let him in and thought he was just some kind of nutter on a wild bender.  There was something about “specialness” in that issue, but it didn’t really stick.

Maybe the problem is that I’m just not as invested in this story as I once was, so a lot of the details aren’t sticking in my head.

I don’t know what to do about that, since, now that Reinter’s dead, I’m likely to be EVEN LESS invested.



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