Gigan-Thor: Bleach 655

Bleach 655 came out yesterday.  I’m sure you’ve already read it, but if not here’s the link:






I kind of feel like Renji spent a lot of this chapter speaking to Kubo-sensei for Bleach Fandom. I mean, we have the lovely “do you always pull crap out of your ass?” line above, and then this one:


Seriously, Kubo, WTF.

I have to confess a couple of things, however.  First of all, knowing that Renji and company were in the frame for this up-coming battle with Thor Miracle, when I saw that Korean raws of the chapter were available, I skimmed through the pictures just to make sure I didn’t have to prepare a pillow fort to hide in, should anyone I have loved for YEARS die some kind of stupid death.

So, I saw this:


Before I was privy to any actual words.

And, I will tell you, seeing that foot made my heart did a funny little, oh-god-this-is-going-to-be-SOOOOOOO-STUPID twist and drop.

I think because of my pre-fear, when I hit lines like this one:

a fucking foot.jpg

I wasn’t even fazed.

I thought, “Oh, well, that’s just kind of silly, not ridiculously painful.”

My second confession is that I waited a day to review this, hoping that time to percolate and see what other people had to say about it might spark in me something to say beyond, “Well, that wasn’t as stupid as I feared.”

I didn’t really get much.  Though I agree with much of Bleach fandom that Byakuya’s badassery was fairly impressive.

What happens in the chapter is this: Renji trash talks Miracle (aka Gerald, aka “Thor,”) who looks, according to Momo, pretty much ready to die on his own from the can of whoop-ass that Renji had already opened on him.  But, Byakuya is taking no chances.


Smoldering look of DoOoooOOM

Byakuya unleashes Senbonzakura and Thor’s helmet goes bouncing off.  Momo gasps in horror, but Captain Shinji (reverse guy) is all, “dude probably had an ace up his sleeve.”  Hearing that Byakuya clearly decides: yeah, you know, good point. I’ll hit him again for good measure.


The sad fact is, that even though this could have been a moment when I thought that maybe, for once, the Shinigami were smart and took some fool-Quincy out quickly, before all the usual banter that had me gritting my teeth muttering ‘don’t f*cking TELL them how your powers work… OH GODS NOT AGAIN!’…, I knew this wasn’t the end of Thor.

Of course it wasn’t the end of Thor.

Kubo, let me pull you aside and tell you something:  this is getting old.

VERY old.


Seriously, dude. No one is surprised. No one.

So, yes, NO SURPRISE, we find out that Byakuya’s ruthlessness backfired.

What should have been a cool double-shot, only fed the monster.  Turns out, Thor’s miracle power is to take the amount of energy used to defeat him and turn it around into his own power.

Byakuya hit Thor so hard he became a Titan.

What happens next?  Want to guess?

Yep, everyone gets batted around like flies, the End.

My only comfort in this is that we’ve ALSO seen this pattern SO MANY TIMES that I don’t think our team is dead, either.  I’m thinking that Kubo is setting up a chance to tick another thing off his ‘stuff the fans want from me before I finish this’  list, which is: “show Shinji’s bankai.”

But, seriously, Kubo.  Get some new tricks.

We’ll see. I’m watching you with the skeptical, merciless eye of Byakuya Kuchiki:



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