Hairpin Theatre – Bleach 653

Bleach finally came out.  If you didn’t realize, go read it:





I don’t know about you, but this was one of those chapters that had me turning the last page, looking for the rest of it.  Sometimes, I’m made VERY AWARE by how few pages Kubo-sensei has to tell his story.  This was one of those, for sure.

Also?  It could be almost entirely summed up by this compilation of panels:


That’s pretty much all you need, right there.

There’s some fighting between Nanao and X-Axis, at the end of which it MAYBE seems like Kyouraku and Nanao won?  It’s really not clear, but I like how Tumblr user Entou’s Art puts it:



Kind of looks like it in the last panel, but I’m not sure either.

I really hope so.  It’s not that I’m tired of following these particular characters.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  Even as I’ve been gobbling up all the new information about Kyouraku and Nanao, I’ve been worried sick that one or the other of them is going to die.

I want this battle to be over with them both standing upright.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Kyouraku won’t instantly collapse the second the fight is over and, in some horrifically theatrically death bed moment, hand over the two hairpins to Nanao with a whispered, “You must treasure their love now, just as I have always treasured you.” (Which then the fans will debate about endlessly? Did he mean treasured-treasured or just treasured? Is it a ship? Is it paternal/uncle-ish?)

He can say that.  He can even hand over the pins, but DON’T F*CKING DIE.

This is all I ask.

I just want my men to be forever, together like this:




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