Love Suicide – Bleach 647

Bleach 647 is out and I’m struggling with my emotions.  Go read it, while I figure out what’s going on with me.






So this happened.

It’s kind of a big deal. We’ve been waiting to see Shunsui Kyouraku’s bankai since his partner Ukitake made a cryptic comment about it not being appropriate for public viewing way back during the Battle for Fake Karakura Town.

I should be super-stoked that this is finally happening, but I’m not.  I’ll explain that in a moment.

Okay, to recap.  The chapter starts with Kyouraku running away from X-Axis, complaining about having to do so like a chicken with its head cut off and shot through like Swiss cheese.  Note: I’m still very much in love with Kyouraku at this moment.  He’s such an old man.  I’m surprised he didn’t make a crack about his aching joints.  But, frankly, I can relate.  I also really loved the moment, which is very in character for him, when he complains that the whole situation is made ten times worse because there is no one around to share it with, to hear his clever banter, and scold him.  (So awesome.) Then he says, “Is there?” rather hopefully.  Nanao could be following him, but personally, I’m still holding out hope that he’s wondering about Mimi-Hange, the god-in-Ukitake who is goop-ed all over Ywach’s face.

We then flash to where Shinji and crew have made a break for it and seem to be closing on the main Quincy headquarters. Thor (Miracle, but really, the dude even talks like an Asgardian) jumps out and tells them all they have to fight him.

I got this....

You called for a can of whoop-ass…?

Renji immediately (and silently) calls shikai and attacks.  Even though there’s a wonderful, “You got this?” from Shinji (backwards guy) and Renji’s smooth, “You have to ask?” it seems all for naught as Thor whips open his cape* and tells them all that this ain’t no mano-mano thang.  They ALL have to fight him if they want to get past.

Which would be a nice change, if Kubo-sensei can actually draw that (and not just skip to the aftermath).

*cape.  Can we take a moment to look at this moron’s costume?


I clearly see nipples, don’t you?  So, Thor is shirtless, which is fine (because, you know, I’m not above a little fan service for those that appreciate the male form), but it begs the question: WHAT IS HIS CAPE ATTACHED TO???

Did this doofus stick pins into his naked chest?  Um… ow?  Also, wouldn’t the pain be distracting while fighting and flying around? How stupid is this?

Which dovetails nicely into my mood…

There’s some lovely speculation about the meaning of Katen Kyoukotsu: Kuromatsu Shinjuu to be found on Tumblr. Normally, I’m the first in/last out to this kind of thing.  I’d be reading every wikipedia entry ever about ‘Love Suicides,’ but I got to the big moment when Kyouraku calls out bankai and instead of dancing around in joy, I slumped back into my chair and muttered, “Well, sh*t.”

The problem?

I kind of don’t trust Kubo-sensei to stick the landing.

I really, really like Kyouraku.  He ranks second, only after Renji, in my heart of hearts.  Whatever happens in the next chapter, that’s is.  It’s canon.  Nothing more can be said on the matter.  An end to all speculation.

And that bums me out.

This is one of the problems with being an invested fan and a fic writer.  There are things I’ve made up in my head that I’m attached to.  Next week, that all comes to a close.  The shadows will be thrown into the light, and, if Kubo sticks to his pattern, one way or the other, Kyouraku will be out of the fight.

I’m mourning now for what will be lost and gone forever.

Goodbye, Badass Captain Commander.

Goodbye, Badass Captain Commander.


3 thoughts on “Love Suicide – Bleach 647

  1. I don’t know that I believe he’ll die, but he’ll be out of commission. Kubo has done this now several times with strong captains who could swing the battle. Kenpachi (both of them), Ukitake, and Kurotsuchi. Mark my words, something will happen to Kyouraku to make him unable to fight after taking down X-Axis.

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