Bleach 646 “The Second Eye” and Blue Exorcist 72 “On the Way.”

First off, I have to start with an apology.  As usual, my creative self took off too soon.  The whole “Arrancar” thing was, in fact, a typo.  The official JUMP version looks like this:


Though, now I’m sad that Kyouraku doesn’t remember Coyote Stark’s name. I mean, he killed him, after all.

Also, it’s possible that when X-Axis says he knows a similar game, which he calls, “Chocolate Ingles,” he really means, “1,2,3 Escondite Inglés,” which is apparently a Spanish version of Red Light/Green Light. In which case, I will sing you the “I am wrong” song, since he’s clearly both HUMAN and NON-JAPANESE.  So, I am double-wrong, with wrong sauce.  Mea culpa.

Okay, on to the newest chapter(s).  Bleach has been out since yesterday. Blue Exorcist apparently fell off some of the Scanilation routines, because I only just discovered Chapter 72 in the current issue of JUMP.  But, all the chapters are here: (in case you missed any, too.)





In Bleach, we continue the fight with (the much touted) Head Captain Kyouraku and X-Axis.  We get a brief cut-away to Momo and Shinji and the rest of Kyouraku’s posse, who are deciding whether to help Kyouraku out or keep on with the mission.  Shinji reminds everyone (including the readers) that we’re operating under a timeline (though what it’s supposed to be, I’ve forgotten. Nine days, maybe?) And, Kyouraku has his big-boy hakama on as Captain-Commander so he should be fine.

Dead Ukitake (and Renji being too tall to be in the reaction shot.)

Dead Ukitake (and Renji being too tall to be in the reaction shot.)

Just in case we’re holding out hope that Ukitake is alive, we get this, whole… sniffle-worthy, ‘but his  husband  partner would want us to go on’ bit from Shinji.

Then, what follows is a whole lot of Kyouraku being bad ass and X-Axis evolving into a pokemon/Azien butterfly clone/???.  Mostly, I was tuning in for stuff like this:


And this:

Plz change my moniker to Head Captain BADASS pronto

Plz change my moniker to Head Captain BADASS pronto

So, all and all, a pretty decent Bleach chapter, though, once again, it ends with it looking like maybe Kyouraku was shot dead.  Oh, Kubo-sensei, you think it’s a cliffhanger, but you’ve used it so much, we’re just not that worried….

Meanwhile, in Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist, Yukio is still trying to scare himself into using his blue-flame eye power. He summons some kind of water nymphs/demons who nearly drowned him, but since he’s aware that they’ll disappear once he’s passed out, it’s just not scary enough to trigger him.

Elsewhere, Bon is still trying to apprentice himself to Light (which Rin and I still think is a beyond the Pale stupid idea.) However, we get this lovely moment at the cram school when everyone wonders why an alpha-male like Bon would be someone’s beck-and-call boy…


This man-crush line might be my favorite line in all of Blue Exorcist. It makes me profoundly happy and deeply cements Bon’s place in my heart as favorite character in this manga. 4-eva.

Light and boob-sword instructor (Kirigakure Shura) have a back and forth where Light basically tries to get her familiar off her, too, (earlier he’d told Bon he could be his apprentice if he gave Light Rin’s demon sword.)  But they talk about the growing demon problem, whatever it is…. (as you can see, I’m SUPER invested in the overarching-plot.)

Eventually, Bon wins his apprenticeship by nearly dying at a game of cards.

Okay, the deck is cursed, and it’s that game of memorization where you match pairs, and he totally fails it because he doesn’t speak Hindi.  But, Light breaks the circle (the easy way out again) and tells Bon he’s impressed enough by his memorization skills that Bon can be the apprentice, after all, but since Light kind of sucks as a teacher, Bon will be more like an assistant (read: servant.)

In the next chapter, Yukio figures the best way to scare himself into activating his superpowers is to throw himself off the side of a building, only he hasn’t been able to work up the courage to do this because, well, he could f*cking die.

Meanwhile, the boys have a day off from cram school and decide to study.  They all suck at studying and wish Bon were there, so they call him, only he’s busy fetching and carrying for Light.  Pink-haired boy (Shima) complains that Bon is no fun since he’s shaved his head and become a monk.  Grey-haired bespectacled kid (Miwa) says he hasn’t EXACTLY shaved his head, and then explains that they have to figure out how to get by without him, anyway, and he (Miwa) is literally working on an app for that.

Bon shows up (and if you think I wasn’t worried about his hair, you’d be SO WRONG.)  Luckily, I think the trim is kawaii:

FullSizeRender copy

Though I will miss the eyebrow piercings.

Then, we flash back to where Yukio has screwed up his courage and has stepped off the building.

The chapter ends before we know if it works or not.

Hey, Kubo-sensei… THIS is how you keep tension mounting in a story.

But, in general, for me, it’s kind of difficult for Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist NOT to deliver, because I really like all the slice-of-life, random cram school stuff even without all the action… but these chapters continued to have both, so I was made very, very happy.


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