Chi’s Sweet Home is… Wait For it… TOTALLY SWEET. (Vols. 1 -5)


As I’ve revealed here many times before, one of my jobs is as substitute circulation staff in a county library system.  Chi’s Sweet Home by Kanata Konami is one of those junior lit manga that I’ve re-shelved so often that I finally broke, and decided to read a few volumes.



God damn it, it’s f*cking adorable.

In fact, I kind of hate myself for loving it so much.  The story follows Chi, a lost kitten, who ends up being adopted by the Yamada family.  If Chi were an American kitten, she would be called ‘Pee-pee,’ because, through various hi jinx, Chi thinks that every time the young boy, Youhei, announces he’s successfully potty-trained he’s calling for her.

What did I tell you?  It’s ridiculous like this.  And, somehow charming as f*ck.

I read volumes 1 through 5, because that was as many as my library had, and I would probably still be reading if they’d had more.

I’ve already confessed that I have a weakness for stories about nothing more than life in Japan.  Well, Chi’s Sweet Home actually has a lot more tension than say, What Did You Eat Yesterday?, because the Yamadas live in an apartment building that doesn’t allow cats.  Thus, there’s constant danger that Chi will be discovered and they’ll be evicted.  By volume 5, they mostly have that particular issue sorted out, but then Chi starts roaming the new neighborhood and is always getting lost or some other vaguely harrowing adventure.

So, honestly, the story, for what it is, is fairly gripping.

And so cute.

So god damn cute.


I mean, come ON.  I dare you not to find this cute.


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