Another One Bites the Dust – Bleach 643

Bleach 643 is out on MangaStream already, so go read.






My worse fears were realized.  That _was_ Nemu’s death knell flashback in the previous chapter….

Let’s all observe a moment of silence.




Okay, the truth? I’m not really grieving, but I’m disappointed.  Nemu just sacrificed herself for a man who physically abused her, berated and belittled her constantly, and whom she subserviently and obediently not only called master, but whom she hero-worshipped throughout all of this abuse (some of which was played for humor.)

Somehow, I’m not moved by this.

No, it’s f*cking tragedy that she died.  But these tears I’m shedding are BITTER tears, not honorable tears for her noble moment of glory. I would even have been a tiny bit happier if she’d only even had some last f*cking thought beyond having that bastard’s name on her lips.  He’s not worth your life, sister.  So not worth it.  At least have your last thoughts be worthy of a shounen hero and be: “at least my friends/the Soul Society will be saved!”

Unohana died so that Kenpachi could be stronger–and that, of course, has been wasted by the fact that he just ripped out his own sword arm and has done exactly bupkis besides play the dumb-bunny to Mayuri’s smart ass.(Okay, fine, he fought Gremmy and saved us all from a meteor, which I guess was good, but if he’s down for the count now, I’m going to be pretty bitter about Unohana/the First Kenpachi’s death.)

Nemu died so that Mayuri could… have a grief-induced hallucination of Szayelaporro?  Because WTF is this:


There are actually several panels that appear to be Szayelaporro yelling at Mayuri for being sad about Nemu’s death, which end with Mayuri shoving him aside and he… disappears (because he was never there?)

Pernida, of course, is barely phased by Nemu’s last ditch sacrifice (so, you know, it didn’t even f*cking WORK and was as impotent as her whole f*cking life), but luckily when Pernida licks up her remains her pituitary gland poisons him.

At least her corpse was worth something.

And, Mayuri saved her brain, stuck in his pocket, I guess, so there’s hope she’ll be remade in some future chapter so they can go back to their blissful life of him abusing her and her taking it with a smile and a “yes, sir, can I please have another.”


On the other hand, Mayuri’s hair got mussed.  And we all know how I feel about anime hair:


Very fetching, Mayuri.  I briefly found you passably attractive.  Too bad you’re otherwise utterly odious.


7 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust – Bleach 643

    • So true. And, I was talking to a friend about Nemu, and I think the other disappointment is that she’s shown hints of rebellion/backbone in the rescue arc that never materialized… and now never will. Boo. (I’m still kind of bitter, if you can’t tell.)

  1. RIP Nemu, but I’m sure Mayuri will use all the data he’s collected to make an even better one. And in terms of Pernida, I think she’ll definitely do some damage after this point on, however I don’t know how she will recover from such a situation that she could just be killed due to over production of cells. She’s definitely in a pickle.

    • You’re right about Mayuri making another Nemu. I mean she’ll just be Nemu Hachigou, presumably. As for Pernida, I kind of thought s/he had died. You don’t think so? I mean, MAYBE not, but I’m going to kind of hope so, if only because maybe we could use the death of the Left Hand of the Soul King to find out what’s happening with the Right Hand (which I guess is just eye-filled goop on Ywach’s head, but maybe is also still connected in some way to Ukitake???) Anyway, thanks for the comment!

      • Np, I don’t think Pernida is dead yet. It’s kind of funny that we’ve been on Mayuri’s fence for a while now concentrating on Mayuri and Nemuri for a while now. Makes me guess that we’ll see Pernida’s story soon enough when he somehow shows up big or is in its last moments or something. In terms of the right arm, I don’t think Kubo will cover it anymore because he’s already done it. I think Kubo had missed or skipped so many fights and interactions because he’s leaving those to the anime makers to fill in as he might have a draft drawing boards for it.

      • OMG are you kidding me? I hope you’re not right that Kubo-sensei is just being a lazy-ass storyteller because he expects the anime to make it better. That’s just… well. That’s the kind of thing that makes me want to quit reading and/or fly to Japan, hunt Kubo-sensei down and give him a swift kick to the rear end.


      • Haha no I don’t mean it like that. And no way is he lazy, he’s very talented and someone who works with his art to continuously improve it. Just to keep up with momentum of the series, he might be thinking of skipping and concentrating on the bigger battles, while also drawing on the side for the anime to concentrate on (this is if the anime is coming back)

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