Bleach 642 – The Story of Number Seven

The newest chapter of Bleach is out, go get it.





Remember how I’ve been begging Kubo-sensei for story?  Well, he sort of heard me.  I didn’t get the story I wanted, but I got *a* story.  Specifically, we got a retelling of Frankenstein learned the backstory of Nemu.

You’ve read it, so you know that Nemuri Nanagou is so named because she is the seventh attempt to create life from scratch, to create as the gods do. Her development coincided with Mayuri’s unlocking the key to manipulating his zanpakutō to the next level so he could gain his captaincy–so there’s some interesting tidbit there about the nature of souls in general, but also specifically zanpakutō ones, though I’m not sure exactly what it is.

We also get a… touching…?… story about how Mayuri stopped calling his creation by her full name because his dreams (Nemuri means to sleep,)  were fulfilled in her.

I think the story would have more impact for me if we hadn’t seen Mayuri abuse her throughout her history, including once, letting her die and…uh…. bringing her back in a very… um…. oh, just watch it:

Now, he claims it’s not what we imagine, but, thing is, we ARE supposed to imagine the worst.  Honestly, it’s not beyond the Pale of anything he’s ACTUALLY done in canon.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have sympathy for Nemu.  I’ve always found her a very likable character particularly because she’s managed to, so far as we’ve seen, stay decent and kind and profoundly human despite her monster of a creator and the environment she lives in.   Also, I can not deny that baby Nemu-chan is frickkin’ adorable, passed out and drooling on the picture she drew of Mayuri….


I just hope that this isn’t one of Kubo’s infamous “death knell flashbacks.”  I like Nemu (especially now) way, way more than I like Mayuri Kurotsuchi.  If she dies for him, I will not be happy.

Now… if he dies for her?

Yeah, that’d be okay.

But, the story I wanted is frustratingly RIGHT there, but never discussed.  So, we start this chapter with Akon, who is clearly in a rebuilt (?) Twelfth Division, saying shit like this:


Hmmm, okay, Akon, but THERE WAS/IS A CAPTAIN NEARLY DEAD ON THE FLOOR NOT FAR FROM YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT HIM???  Hello?  Ukitake is lying in a pool of his own blood, half-naked just about, oh, three or four feet from where you were!  Can we not even see his bandaged body somewhere in the background please???

Also, Aizen…?  Is he not sitting outside in his bondage chair with nothing to do?  Shouldn’t you be at least wondering why the living f*ck Kyouraku left him behind and what you should be doing about a war criminal/war potential sitting on your doorstep?

I mean, I _liked_ this change of pace. I might even have loved parts of this story to bits, but I still want the story of the Quincy vs. the Shinigami, too, okay?


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