Gangsta 37… In Which I Start to Really Worry…

Gangsta 37 is out.… and, while you read it, I’ll just stare at this panel in horror for a few more minutes until we can talk…






Okay, oh my gods, can we talk?

But, so, the manga actually starts a lot like the spin-off.  Bodies everywhere.  Blood.  Guts.  Decapitations. So many dead and dying Tags.  Then we switch to the angry humans/Normals all shouting about how they want all the damn Tags dead already.  Someone asks the question I’ve always wondered: why not just stop making Celebrer (sometimes spelled Celebre or Celebret, but the drug that Twilights need to survive.)  We also get a weird interlude showing us that there is a cult of Twilight worshippers (um, count me IN!) though they seem very Christian in bent, with a lot of talk about sins being washed away with blood and such.

For me, the interesting stuff is happening back at Dr. Theo’s where the guys from Monroe’s gang are coming to some startling conclusions.  Monroe is taking Celebrer, despite being a human, and he doesn’t seem to suffer any ill effects.  He’s an immune human.  Or something.  Honestly, that part isn’t clear.   But, everyone is figuring out Monroe’s big betrayal thanks to Worick.  Everyone.


Poor Delico who has been told the only thing he’s good for is being Monroe’s shield, and now… whelp, now he’s less than that.

Then we get Worick getting all “how disgusting” on everyone and making that face.

I’m having a serious case of feels, here, people.

I think I’m really worried because of the Gangsta anime, and the changes they seem to be making regarding Worick’s character.  Worick in the anime is… hmmm, I’m not sure how to put this… troubled, maybe?  The most recent episode I watched had Worick remembering the night Nic slaughtered his father and the estate.  The problem is, he has this flashback, after he says, “I hate all Tags.”  Now, in the manga, he says, “I hate all Normals, too,” right after that, but int he anime they gave that line to Delico.  And we get a double-whammy in the anime because after Delico’s line, Worick remembers Nic’s suicide attempt and him telling Nic “You haven’t suffered enough to die yet.”

Pretty fucking cryptic.

And nervous-making.

So, I’ll be here in the corner freaking out until the next chapter comes out. Thanks. bye.

(Oh, yeah, and the chapter ends with Marco redeeming himself from the spin-off.)


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