Gangsta: Cursed #1


Gangsta has its very own spin-off called: Gangsta: Cursed. A fresh scanlation can be found




My feelings about this spin-off can be pretty much summed up in a single panel from this manga written by Kohske, illustrated by Kamo Shyuhei.


Yep.  If your favorite part of Gangsta. is the blood and gore, this is the spin-off for you.

The story follows Marco, known at the time as ‘Spas,’ during his tenure in the Second Executioners.  So, we get to see baby-Striker and the rest of that hateful gang going through town slaughtering stray Tags.  Yipee.  I’m super-glad we get to know the depths of their depravity when Marco/Spas comes across a Normal and his Tag family and slaughters not only the female Tag, but also her young child.  Lovely.

I mean, I guess I’m supposed to imagine that Marco is, in some way, brainwashed by whatever program has given these children their gruesome mission because Marco/Spas actually pauses with the Normal/Regular shouts out that he’s only protecting his family.  Marco goes into this dark sort of freakout where he can’t imagine this word “family” and Tags because THEY told him that Tags are monsters only.

I presume from this set-up we’re going to find out who is running this creepy eradication plan and, of course, how it is that Marco comes to defect from this group to become the fairly decent guy he seems to be in the “now.”

I guess I care?

No, I really don’t.  Without Kohske’s art to elevate this story, I’m left very underwhelmed.  I mean, I’m going to have to follow it because she’s writing and that makes anything shown here Word of God, as folks say in fandom.  Any world building that can be gleaned from this, I will take it.

But, yuck so far.

Plus, all we get of our favorite duo from the original is a tiny scene where they are silent in Monroe’s office:


Probably the only fascinating thing about this moment is that Nic is wearing Tags that read: B/3.  When we see him in the mug shot in the police station when he’s even tinier, they seemed to say C/0.  So, apparently, he keeps going up.  How this process is possible, I WOULD PAY ACTUAL MONEY TO FIND OUT.  (Is it the Guild?  Does he routinely go back and do some kind of death/cage match thing to level up?  Can he just challenge higher tags on the street and then get new Tags issued from… the Guild? The mysterious “government”?)

So, you can see what I care about?  I told you I’m all about Nic.  Worick, too, but Marco?  Dude. I couldn’t remember who he was until I re-read the volumes a couple of weeks ago.  I mean, yes, the idea of his former association with these vicious, horrible monsters is interesting as a character thing, but a whole manga about it?

No, like I said in my review of Ao no Exorcist’s Sorrows of a Salaryman spin-off, I would be far happier if we could have goofy daily interactions with the Benriya.

Or Veronica’s backstory.

Now that I’d read so fast heads would spin.


4 thoughts on “Gangsta: Cursed #1

    • The anime is interesting. You should watch it and review it. I’d do the same, but I’ve been staying away from anime reviews. I feel like the anime of Gangsta is VERY different from the manga, but I’d love to hear your take on it.

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