Welcome to the Kenpachi & Mayrui Comedy Show – Bleach 636


Bleach 636, “Sensitive Monster,” is out.





All right, so… the Quincy cloak known as “Compulsion” blows up its head like a balloon.  Kenpachi and Mayuri discuss what to do about it. Notably, Mayuri finds looking at “Compulsion” to be blood-curdling (Mangastream)/creepy (MangaPanda).  Kenpachi says, “That’s rich, coming from you.” Probably the best moment of so-called comedy between these two in this chapter for my money.

(Note: I’m not a huge fan of making a favorite character into an idiot for the sake of comedy.  This was done to Renji a lot in the Hueco Mundo arc, and it deeply pissed me off, because: Renji.  I hate seeing it happening again to another of my favorite thugs.)

We cut to a very brief interaction between Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Nemu. Their entire banter is summarized as:  ‘I’d jump in and help, except my captain CLEARLY isn’t in trouble! Yeah, mine neither!’ which makes me figure that’s exactly what they’ll have to do. Here’s hoping, but more on that in a minute.

Mayuri suggest they study “Compulsion” from a far; Kenpachi decides he can’t kill anything without getting up close to it.  Predictably, this leads to him losing an arm.

Seriously, Kubo-sensei, you have a problem.

I… can’t even.

Kenpachi Zaraki, who went to all this trouble several hundred (thousand) chapters ago to kill Unohana and level up, just lost his right arm–his sword arm–without even calling shikai.

This bothers me on a deep and profound level.  It bothers me because I feel like Kubo wasted several panels repeating his ridiculous “Are you talking to yourself?” joke, instead of using that spac TO EXPLAIN WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED TO YACHIRU!!   It would have been nice for Kenpachi to at least have thought to call the blade that can “cut anything,” but, regardless, it could have been a chance to see if Yachiru might reappear (she disappeared when Kenpachi called shikai, back in his last ridiculous fight against Gemmy.)

I’m beginning to think Yachiru isn’t Kenpachi’s zanpakuto, but his brains.

Mason, meanwhile, is fairly excited about the cloak’s power because it echoes one of Ishida’s techniques (ranso tengi), apparently.   I guess that qualifies as nifty: using nerves to manipulate someone else’s nerves.  But, it just got on my nerves, full stop.

I can only hope that in the next chapter Mayuri gets some comeuppance from a Quincy given what he did to them in the past (in case you’ve forgotten it involved torture/”experiments”.)  Though if Mayuri never faces down Ishida again, I call foul.  He needs to at least fight against someone who can talk, someone who can remind the readers why the Quincy are actually very justified in their hatred of the shinigami.

But, this whole chapter bothers me, though, you know why?  Mayuri should be the reigning expert on everything Quincy.  He quite literally took them all apart to see how they worked.  He should have something other than a sunflower suit to show for it.  Mayuri should be walking around with bottles full of Quincy neutralizer, unless, of course, it was just sadism without science for him because he figured having killed their entire race, they wouldn’t be back to bother the Soul Society.

Okay, so about that… a lot of fandom has been joking that Ishida has gotten the short end of the stick because he’s clearly not the last of anything.  There are so many Quincies running around.

…or are there?

Here’s a thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  I think all these Quincy souls are actually dead.  I think that the reason the history books don’t have Juha Bach writ large next to Charlemainge as conquer of Europe is because Juha told his army to assemble to conquer the Soul Realm, had them all drink the Kool-Aid, as it were.  They all went to “conquer heaven” by mass suicide and their bodies were buried thousands of years ago.

Thing is, no one has aged.

Thing is, they seem to have no trouble traveling from Hueco Mundo to the Soul Society.  Remember how Urahara used to have to build a gate and it took him weeks?  Remember the soul butterflies?  The Quincies don’t seem worried about any of that.  They’re dead.  All of them.

Thing is, they don’t act like Quincies.  Hell, half of them don’t even seem to be human. What did Gremmy end up being? A brain in a jar.  Now Kenpachi is fighting (and losing to) what appears to be an empty cloak.  BG9 was/is a robot.  As Nodt was a nightmare.

This inhumanity of a lot of the Sternritters really struck me hard today.  I don’t get a lot of these powers. They’re so OP and so… strange, not at all really Quincy like, except in that I guess reishi is the spirit stuff of the world and manipulating it is like shaping reality, I guess.

I love Bazz-B, you know I do, but fire?  That’s like a super-hero more than a Quincy.  More like a full bring…

And why is no one asking: what are these people?  Because despite what they say, they’re not human.


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