Bleach 635 – Hooded Enigma Wrapped in a Load of Crap


First of all, Bleach is out early.   Go read it on MangaStream.

SPOILERS (and some all-caps ranting, most likely)




Okay… what the [bleep]ing actual [bleep], Kubo-sensei?!  Do I need to come to Japan and kick your [bleep]?

*catches breath*

Previously, in Bleach 634, Hashwaldt defeated Bazz-B after what seemed like a wholly unnecessary flashback.  I say this because in the flashback (which takes up precious space in a manga that is typically no longer than 16 pages) we didn’t really learn anything new.  We mostly saw Hashwaldt being an a$$ to Bazz, who we learned is actually named Buzzard Black.  Bazz apparently spent much of his career in the Quincy ranks trying to get Haschwaldt to challenge him to a fight.  This part seemed dumb to me and very un-illustrative of either of their characters, and if anything detracted from the personality of Bazz fairly significantly–making him seem less cool and more like an obsessed loser.

The only note of interest we got in the previous chapter was this echo of the idea of  watching.  In the previous chapter, it was an admonishment to a soldier who wanted to kick Bazz into his place. Haschwaldt says that when His Majesty isn’t watching, he is, which seems to be important in the current chapter because:

1) I’m still holding out hope that Haschwaldt will be interesting, and turncoat.  The watching bit may set up the idea that, knowing that Ywach was in his All-Seeing mode, Haschwaldt had to APPEAR to kill Bazz, but may have not actually, and quite intentionally, not delivered the killing blow, and…

2)… after one-shotting Giselle and Glutton-girl, Liletto, Ywach is apparently ready for his old man nap. Since we all know that Hashwaldt assumes Ywach’s power when he sleeps…. something is brewing there, presumably.  (It also means Bazz, quite in character jumped the gun on this fight.  If he’d fought Haschwaldt a little later he could have done a two-birds-one-stone thing.  Though he may have intentionally struck before the assumption of powers because this was a personal fight and Bazz may have been trying to take out the vessel so that Ywach couldn’t successfully nap/recharge/whatever.)

HOWEVER, the one-shotting of Giselle particularly bothered me.


I don’t get this at all.  She has been a very interesting foil for pretty much everyone she’s gone up against.  Where are her zombies?

Also, given the size of that pool of blood she seems to be drowning in, could Giselle not have just tried to bleed a little bit more in Ywach’s direction?  Because that’s what activates her zombie powers, remember, Kubo????

A friend of mine suggested that maybe Giselle was so easily defeated because Ywach did that whole stripping of powers thing that caused this rebellion (to some extent, since obviously Bazz had been planning to turn traitor since the beginning.)  I would buy that EXCEPT in the previous chapter we saw Bazz go full-on Burn Finger Five.

So, the “stripped” Quincy must still have a fairly large amount of their previous powers.  Thus, I simply don’t understand why Giselle showed up to a fight, any fight, but particularly one against the BIG BAD, without her zombies.  This is a trick she uses EVERY TIME, and it seems extremely out of character for her to, what, have rushed to get up close and personal enough to bitch slap Ywach, and then got taken out?  She has so far been shown as the human shield fighter, whose other lure is, “go ahead, hit me, be sure to get my blood on your hands….”

Also, I realize Kubo has a lot of people on stage right now, but those zombies of Giselle’s include several people we, as readers, already know and are deeply invested in: Kensei, Rose, Toshiro, and Matsumoto.  To have no sense of where they are and/or whether or not they were used in this fight is, quite frankly, maddening.

Kubo-sensei continues to drive me insane in this chapter by giving us more ridiculousness: Thor is lost and angry that he can’t find anyone to fight, Ichigo also seems to be lost, Grimmjow is seen only long enough to be turned into a giant kitty who can’t resist when a ball is thrown at him (metaphorically-speaking, but basically what happens), and Kenpachi gets turned into comic relief with Mayuri as straight man.

Oh, and I forgot, Hisagi, whom we’ve been teased might have bankai, and whom so far we have only seen get tossed around like a rag doll by Masque de Masculine, show up late to an off-screen Byakuya bloodbath fight, and otherwise DO JACK SHIT, looks like he’s going to be snipered from a distance by X-Axis.  As I told my friend, I’m very, very worried that Hisagi is going to go the way of Kira, which is to say: completely ignobly and uselessly.

Please send help.

ALSO THIS IS A SH*TTY BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOUR MAIN CHARACTER, KUBO-SENSEI.  (Happy birthday Ichigo Kurosaki: July 15.) A fart in the wind, indeed…



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