Podcast – Bleach Friends 2 and Toriko too


All righty, here is is, our second Summer podcast, in which Mason and I review Bleach 632 and Toriko 329.  Probably the biggest question that haunts me after this latest Bleach chapter, is _why_ did Bazz-B ever think Hashwaldt was Quincy if he couldn’t absorb even the tiniest bit of reishi?  I feel like that’s the definition of Quincy as it’s been explained to us.  Is this definitive evidence that this is an alternate Quincy dimension, because no one seemed surprised to have Ywach talking about the Soul Society either?  Ichigo had never heard of it, so I kind of presumed most people didn’t just consider invading the Soul Society as one of those things you do.  I don’t see this as a Human World thing.  I know Hilter was into the supernatural, but I really have never heard conquering THE LAND OF THE DEAD as, you know, the done thing in war….


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