Um, okay… and now GANGSTA 35

Right, so, apparently, the numbering wasn’t just a glitch.  The scanlation folks over at MangaTown apparently just spaced and missed this tiny, 16 page chapter.

So, go!  Go read it!!





This short chapter starts with Constance.  My first thought upon seeing her on stage was, “Oh, shit, really?  Do I NEED to see her lose her arm???!!”

I didn’t.  But, Kosuke-sensei did figure we needed the backstory that I’d guessed, in which we are shown that Marco and Constance were lovers.  Again, though, we are treated to some really lovely images.


And a curious note in which Constance says/thinks to the exterminator who is beating the crap out of her, “You wouldn’t understand a mixed-breed’s emotions… right, Marco?”

I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this.  Does she mean that Marco is half-Tag/Twilight? Or that she AND Marco are both half-Tag/Twilight.  I can’t remember if we’d ever learned whether or not Marco had superpowers.

(I just checked his entry in the Gangsta wiki, and he is not listed among the Twilights, but I did discover that I was supposed to remember that he was once a member of the exterminators/”The Destroyers.”  DANG.)

At any rate, it’s safe to assume he’s a “half-breed” especially after the shot in #36 where we see him doing this:


So, now we’re getting some confusing information about Twilights–or, maybe not confusing, but curious.

I was under the assumption that ANYONE born to a Twilight became a Twilight.  For instance, there’s Nic’s backstory, which we learn in Volume 3, where we meet his supposed-father. Dude was most decidedly not wearing Tags.  Nor did he seem to have much respect for his “monster” offspring–nor Nic’s mother, whom he simply referred to as a whore.  The guy that Nic calls out to as “father” was a mercenary, part of the West Gate group, but I’m not sure if that is of any significance.

One wonders, actually, given what we saw in Volume 3, if one becomes fully Twilight not by birth, but with the injection of Celebrer, the drug that ‘controls’ the Twilights.

So maybe Marco (and possibly Constance) are children of Twilights who were never subjected to the drug…?  And, that potentially gives them some genetic advantage over regular Normals…?  Or maybe they’re just “unregistered” and un-drugged Twilights?

Going to the Wiki again, I discovered that I was supposed to have remembered this term: Hagure.  Here’s what the Wiki folks say this is: “Hagure (日暮れ) is the title give to the children of a Twilight and a normal human. They have less severe compensation, less required intake of Celebre and slightly longer lifespans due to their normal parent. There are records of some living to be 49 years old.”

Either way, I find this a fascinating new development.  For such a short chapter we got some interesting information to chew on.

Also, since I’m back talking about this manga, I should say that in my re-reading it seems pretty clear that the Guild does occupy the Fourth chair of the “Fathers.”  I also–somehow–hadn’t quite groked that Ergastulum is a walled city, and that District 7 is only the worst part of it.  All of Ergastulum is home to the Twilights, but the rest of the world exists outside of the walls.  But, knowing this might answer my haunting questions about what exactly is “the government” when people talk about it in this manga.  I think, now, maybe that’s a force that exists outside the walls of Ergastulum–you know, like some actual Normal government.  Which maybe is a “D’uh,” but given that the world of Gangsta is so clearly alt history, I never assume anything.

Re-reading this manga has been invaluable.  One of the things I love about this story is how dense the world-building is, but, of course, the more dense the world-building, the easier it is to miss kind of obvious and critical information like this.

Gangsta is, in fact, one of those manga that improves on multiple re-reads, IMHO.  In fact, I just placed my order for volume 5, the one I was missing, and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival.  I only hope that I’ll get a chance to hear/see all of this YET AGAIN when the anime hits.  I hate to say it, but I’m going to be scouring the fan translation sites to see who is streaming it!


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