Gangsta 34 and… 36?

For reasons unknown, chapter 35 seems to be AWOL. MangaTown has 34 and 36.  I’d be more worried, but the story seems to flow pretty directly from one to the next.

So, go!  Go read ’em!






I’m pretty sure half of this manga has started this way: Worrick dragging a nearly-dead Nic into Dr. Theo’s place.  This time, if you recall, Nic super-DUPER overdosed on the experimental drug Theo cooked up.  In fact, Dr. Mengele Theo is still far more worried about his experiment than his patient:


Buddy, that’s Nicolas Brown you’re talking about.  You’d better save his ass or I’ll jump through these pages and kick yours into next week!

What follows only serves to make me adore Nic even more.  Last chapter, Yang was shot by his colleague Delaco, under orders by his master/owner/boss, Monroe.  I can’t remember why, though.  It doesn’t entirely matter.  What matters is that Delaco is SHATTERED by it and Yang is on the brink of death.  So, even while Nic is going through horrible convulsions and Dr. Theo considers giving him a lethal injection to put him out of his misery, Nic points to Yang as if to say, “Don’t worry about me; take care of that guy first.”

OMG.  Such a hero! *sniff*  Seriously, though, talk about a Tag who follows the spirit of the Three Law rather than the letter.  Nic totally puts the human first, even though he really is only barely aware of his own surrounding.

Even though he’s in a bad way…


A SERIOUSLY bad way.

I’ll be honest.  My heart was pretty much in my throat this entire chapter.  If Nic dies, there’s really no reason at all for me to keep reading this manga.  My heart would be far, far too broken to go on.

It’s looking really rough, and then we get a series of amazing (silent) panels.  Worrick is loosing the battle with Nic and it looks like Nic is going to tear himself apart.  Alex pushes Worrick aside and grabs for Nic’s hand.  Worrick freaks, because this is Nik without his downer shot.  He’s still super-hyped and really could crush Alex’s hand or kill her without much thought:



I can NOT get over how gorgeously the mangaka shows this scene.

Nic, in his altered state, clearly has mistaken Alex for Veronica (I think that was her name), the woman we’ve seen him visiting at Dr. Theo’s.  She’s the last woman who lived with our two Handymen, and is, presumably, the reason granny from the shop keeps telling Alex she should really bail on these guys before they f*ck up her life.

But, granny should really be more worried closer to home… because Constance (her… daughter?  Adoptive daughter?) went off to confront the Executioner guys (The “Destroyers”) on her own.

…and seems to have lost her arm for it.


Because it gets delivered to Loretta, the child-head of the Christina Family.  For reasons either unknown/as-yet-to-be revealed/or I forgot them, Loretta is really, REALLY adamant that her main guy, Marco, NOT see the severed arm.

Given the events of #36, I suspect I was supposed to have remembered that Constance and Marco are lovers/special friends.  Because the whole of chapter 36 is basically Loretta telling Marco not to go after her/go for revenge and him saying “sorry, I got to take some time off.”   We also get a lot of backstory about the relationship between Marco ad Loretta–he was kind of like an adoptive dad (he, apparently, will scold her, whereas Galahad won’t.)

The other bit of interesting information we get in this new chapter is at the very beginning, where we see a TV announcement about the attack on the Monroe Mansion, which has caused anti-Twilight groups to protest.

The “Four Big Fathers” have called a state of emergency, which has plunged Ergastulum into an uproar.  We also get a flash to some normal people arguing about who is to blame, the exterminators or the Tags.  (Of course, most people are blaming the Tags just for existing.)  I presume we’re going to get more development of this issue: the common Normal’s attitudes towards Tags, a.k.a., the peasants are revolting.

The thing about this that intrigues me is the mention of the ‘Four Big Fathers’ and their apparent authority to call for states of emergency.  Are these the four mafia families?  From the chart at the front of the collected volumes, I count three mafia families: Corsica, Christiano, and Monroe.  But, there’s a third “power,” the Paulkee Guild, which are the Tag Guild, run by Gina.

The thing that confuses me about that, if they’re actually part of these four “Fathers,” is that I was under the impression that the reason Alex didn’t know anything about the Tags when she first met Nic was because Tags/Twilights were confined to Mos Eisley District 7.  But, then again, when we first meet Gina and Ginger in the second volume, they seem to have a broad authority over Tags/Twilights, since they sweep into the Doug/Nic fight and shut it down, invoking the Three Laws (and shoot them both with the trank gun, remember?). So… maybe they represent some arm of the government…?

It’s hard to know.

But as I said in the podcast I guested on last night (for‘s Manga Corner, I’ll post a link here when it airs in August), it doesn’t really matter to me if I can follow every single nuance of this story from month to month.  I know that it will all be come clearer in the following chapters and the story of the characters are compelling enough to keep me reading through minor confusion.

Anyway, chapter 36, being mostly about Marco was interesting but didn’t have much oomph.  But, I get the feeling the mangaka gave us these pages because we need to care about Marco before he DIES.

Which is pretty much where I think he’s headed. TO HIS DOOM.

Because these are the executioners, that include Alex’s “lost” brother, and who have been controlling the hunters (I think).  To be fair, I’m not sure exactly what they’re up to has been entirely revealed.  I’m pretty sure that’s a big part of what’s coming next.

If you don’t know, Gangsta is getting its anime in Japan starting next week, July 1st.  Check out the promo video:

I have to say it looks pretty good.  I was super excited to learn last night that the company that’s producing it also did Samurai Champloo, which… so gorgeous.  So fingers crossed.


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