Ao no Exorcist 68 – Fan Service Skinship

Pretty much any manga can be improved with a trip to the hot springs, some naked hi jinx, and a trio of truth serum/true confession inducing demons, right?

Well, Ao no Exorcist seems to think so.  #68 is out.  Go get it, it’s got something for those who like naked lady bits and those who like naked guy parts… (and those who like both)… so something for everyone, mostly.

Unless, of course, you’re the sort who could do without.  In which case, let me give you the highlights.





Things start out normally enough.  Yukio (the younger demon brother/sensei four-eyes) is still brooding over what Lucifer told him, which was that he was weak.  Shima (pink-haired traitor/spy/double-agent) suggested that maybe he should talk to someone about his conflict of interest, since he knows what it’s like to be drawn to the other side and all that, but, Yukio has been too busy being angst-y (like you are when you’re in a shounen manga.)

Somehow, Yukio gets all day passes to a fancy sento, a hot springs public bath, and he is convinced to take everyone from Holy Cross by Shura Kirigakure‘s boobs.


Thus, beginnith the onslaught of the boobs…

Not that I’m really complaining.  I enjoy boobs.  I also enjoy half-to-mostly naked men, which we also get a lot of.   And, the action is fun.  A trio of monkey demons show up that cause the people closest to them to shout out their deepest confessions.  It almost looks like we’re going to get something real from Shima, but it turns out that deep inside, he’s deeply a pervert and really just wants to see the ladies naked.  Rin, on the other hand, confesses his desire to see plant-girl, Shiemi Moriyama naked, but on a personal, one-to-one way.  (This is the moment Bon and gray-haired Miwa twig to the idea that maybe something supernatural is going on because NO WAY would a guy blurt out his love confessions like that.)

Yukio freaks out because he’s worried that a truth-telling demon would make him blurt out his own fears about being half-demon like his brother and all the stuff that’s going on with Lucifer, and he runs off to “get a weapon.”

After Miwa identifies the demon trio, Bon saves the day by remembering a chant that acts as a protection spell.

Meanwhile, Shima and Rin’s antics have caused a hole to be punched between the women’s sento and the men’s… and, once Shura sees these bozos and what’s going on, all the fun is over.  The scene ends with poor Yukio apologizing to the owner of the sento and offering to have Holy Cross School pay for the damages to the wall.

The final scene shows us that the whole thing was pretty much set up, no surprise, by Mephisto Pheles.

There was another small, semi-serious subplot involving Shima and his two pals, Bon and Miwa.  Yukio attempts to find out if Bon and Miwa really trust Shima, because  Shura Kirigakure suggests that people who are close-like-family know the truth about people.  Miwa tells and illustrative story that basically says: well, Shima was always a lazy git so that one time he wasn’t made me decide he was all right.

Personally, I like the way Bon deals with Shima:


So, it was filler, it was silly, but, IMHO, Ao no Exorcist stays true to form in that there’s always some meat, some heart, even at its silliest.

Also, and probably most importantly, it was a good mussed hair day for my Bonny Bon:


We all know naked bits and good hair = awesome manga.  Am I right?


2 thoughts on “Ao no Exorcist 68 – Fan Service Skinship

  1. For some reason wordpress sent me a note about this two and a half year old post. Now I have the urge to find all the characters, in all the mangas I like, who look like Bon. A new trope! A happy accident.

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