Salaryman Futsumashi Okumura Yukio no Aishuu 14 & 15

If you haven’t read them yet, you can catch the latest chapters of Salaryman Futsumashi Okumura Yukio no Aishuu/Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Okumura Yukio at MangaHere.

Caught up?




Okay, I don’t have a lot to say about these chapters, but this spin-off will never cease to amuse me.  Probably my favorite of these collected shorts is the very last one involving Rin.  Yukio is watching his ani, and basically thinking, “Poor sod, everyone still so terrified of him.”  And, when his thoughts are confirmed by another exorcist who is watching Rin along with Yukio, Rin proceeds to do a series of completely dorky things… culminating in smacking himself around with an exercise band.


A fairly awesome, and completely in-character Rin moment.  It’s this silliness that really makes this spin-off work for me.  Sometimes I don’t really get everything because I’m not much of a super-fan–like, I didn’t really understand much of chapter 14 because I’d forgotten the character in question, but it still served to amuse.  Yukio is basically being haunted by a mangaka’s ideas which freakily coincide with Yukio’s real life experiences with people he’s met.  But, even not remembering everything didn’t detract from my enjoyment.  I love seeing these characters in more relaxed settings and straight-laced Yukio is a perfect foil for all their antics.


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