Ao no Exorcist #66 – Wheels Within Wheels



Chapter 66: The Pink Spider, Part II opens with Mephisto showing up and being his usual weird, evasive self.  Just when Rin and company are ready to challenge him, he snaps them into his office where he says he has a Vatican guest waiting to see them.  Turns out, it’s Lewin Light who says he’s there to test Shima’s (pink-haired traitor spy) loyalty.  Actually, he seems to be looking for character witnesses, which, if they can’t give it to him, Light plans to torture Shima (like you do, I guess.)

The gang then instantly devolves into squabbling… mostly about what the hell is up with Mephisto, and Rin tries to shock everyone by revealing that Mephisto is really Sammael… and everyone is like, “D’uh. It’s in all the brochures.”

Turns out what Light is really interested in discovering is how it is, exactly, that Shima managed to just walk away from the Illuminati and end up back at True Cross Academy (good question!  I’d wondered the same!)  It is revealed in flashback, that the Illuminati are sending him back as a spy… so he’s a double, maybe triple-agent.

Just an aside?  I would never have pegged Shima as this devious.  He never came off as all the smart, though that must be part of his “cover.”

Eventually, my man Bon steps up to defend his friend’s loyalty and Light is satisfied (saying he never really intended to torture Shima, anyway).  Then we leave the chapter with Shima being super-cagey with Yukio about a supposed meeting he’s had with Lucifer (which I’m not sure I remember, but I suspect we’ll get the skinny on in the next chapter.)

All and all, Ao no Exorcist continues to work for me.  It’s engaging, fun, and fascinating  I haven’t written yet about the latest chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin because… the quality of the storytelling has so degraded, IMHO, that, as the kids say:  I can’t even.  I have no words.

So, I’m really pleased that Ao no Exorcist continues to deliver good story every month.


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