Review of Ao no Exorcist 64, in Which the Dark Side has a Helicarrier

The Dark Side has cookies?  Pshaw, Lucifer has that beat.  He has an Avengers style helicarrier!


SPOILERS to follow

Go read Ao no Exorcist 64

This chapter is entitled “Ittekimasu,” which is commonly understood as a phrase said when leaving someone’s company.  I found this interesting tidbit here:

 “ ‘Ittekimasu’ has two meanings. One is to go. And the other is to come home. We don’t know what will happen to us while we are gone. We say ‘ittekimasu’ to tell someone who is waiting for us, ‘I’ll go and come back safely so please don’t worry about me.’ This puts their minds at ease.”

We’ll get to why this chapter is called that in a moment.  First, we see the Holy Cross team dealing with the aftermath of the battle.  They’ve sent out repair crews to the shrine and surrounding village, are caring for the zombified, and generally DEALING WITH IT.

The adult on scene is from the Kyoto branch and is none-other-than pink-hair’s dad, Yaozo Shima.  Yukio tells Mr. Shima that Bon is pretty anxious to talk to him about….erm, something privately (we all know he means Renzo aka pink-hair.) Big-brother Shima (Juzo) says, “Look, I’m not doing anything, I’ll go see him.”

Then we flash to a shrine in the woods where cranky-fox-girl (Izumo) is telling the spirit of her mother that she’s going to stop being such a bitch  so self-absorbed/self-piting, and she uses this good-bye phrase, “Ittekamasu.” Which when understood as ‘I am leaving your company, but I hope to be with you again soon, don’t worry’ is actually very… poignant.  It carries the same kind of connotation, I’d imagine, when in American/English dramas when someone stands over a grave and says, “I’ll see you soon.”  It’s that sort of ‘wait for me in the after-life until our ‘reunion’ and watch over me…’

So, good on her.

Then we meet up with the Scooby gang who have been waiting at the bottom of the stairs to the Shrine.  Rin, of course, is still super-mad that they left a man behind as it were, since he promised to bring Shima (pinkie) back.  This triggers for Izumo the thought that, yeah, hey, was he pulling his punches on my fox-spirits?  Because they recovered pretty nicely.  The foxes say, “D’uh!” when asked.  (I may be paraphrasing a little.)


Just then, Older Brother Shima shows up.  Bon builds up the courage to tell Shima’s family of his betrayal and whammo–it’s revealed that pinkie was actually intentionally planted as a spy.  Renzo is not a traitor after all, but a double-agent!


I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  I’ve been saying all along that I thought he was holding back.  Doing only enough not to seem disloyal.  BUT, like Bon, I’m a little taken aback that it was planned by his family.  I thought maybe Shima (the pink) was acting on his own, having gotten into trouble over his head, or was MAYBE working for some one at the True Cross Academy.  So, to see it come out of Kyoto Branch was a bit of a reveal for me.

The last bit we get, after Bon yells at the Old Brother Shima for how stupid they are for putting pinkie into the maw of the beast, is a demonstration of just how dangerous and evil Lucifer is.

You know, just to DRIVE the point home.

What we see is: Geodin (toady scientist) begging for forgiveness. Lucifer talks like an angel, speaking of mercy and bearing responsibility for his subordinates, and then proceeds to incinerate Geodin with unholy fire.

Close up on Shima’s determined face… fade to black.

My feelings about it all?  Ao no Exorcist continues to satisfy the no-holds-barred shounen fan in me.  I’m just as happy to have Shima back on the team (though I would have been just as happy if Rin had ‘rescued’ him against his will, too.)  One thing I ADORED in this chapter was that there was, for Bon, exactly two seconds of ‘oh sh*t! He’s on our side after all???!!” in his widened eyes, and then it was instantly “HOW DARE YOU PUT OUR FRIEND IN SUCH SERIOUS DANGER!!??”

I love that crap (even though I’m now worried that pinkie is going to die an honorable death, whislt attempting to save them all.)

More importantly, perhaps, Bon continues to rock the new do’

bon's continuing hair

And let’s just face it, good hair = good manga.


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