Gangsta 33 – All That Matters is Nic

I have to admit something.

Sometimes I read a manga or comic book for a single character.  You can ask my partner and she’ll tell you that there was a time during the 1990s that I subscribed to X-Men and ONLY READ THE WORDS GAMBIT SAID.

I’m in Gangsta for Nic Brown.  To me, he is, as the kids would say, ‘my bae.’



Go Read Gangsta, Chapter 33

A whole lot of stuff happens in Gangsta 33.  I’m pretty sure major political machinations are being revealed, particularly since we now know that Delico is completely owned by the dudes who showed up (Daniel Monroe and… Ivan).  And, by “completely owned,” I don’t mean in a “man, what a tool” sort of way, but nearly-literally, since it’s revealed that Monroe has the ability to command Delico to do anything he says (or maybe even just implies with a look).

Including shooting Yang in the back.

Which is quite the surprise, since Delico and Yang work for the Monroe family.  Together.  As in, on the same side.  Friends.  Colleagues.  Buds.

Of course, Monroe is supposed to be on their side, too, but has apparently betrayed them to Ivan, who seems to be acting as the ringleader of the group of rogue/special Tags who have been wiping out the rest of the Tag/Twilight population in Ergastulum (including Doug *sobs*).

As Nic is wobbling on his feet as he’s coming down off the crazy-drugs Theo gave him, some ugly words get exchanged.

Ivan seems particularly grossly happy to be raping Erica nightly, and seeing her face reflected in “a guy I see every day” at work.

This obviously enrages Delico, since that’s his sister this guy is talking about, and he raises his gun.

But, Yang busts out in front of him.  Deciding that Delico is not in a good space, Yang tries to take out Monroe on his own.  Apparently with a look and an evil smile, Monroe is able to command Delico to kill Yang.  Or, maybe Delico is simply compelled to protect his ‘master.’  That part’s not clear, though Delico is obviously devastated when he does it.

Nic tries to intercede (running so fast and hard that he cracks the wall!):


But his katana goes flying and and Nic passes out at Monroe’s feet–finally at his limit with the overdose.  Nic reaches out to Monroe and actually speaks out loud.  Monroe steps on his hand and breaks a syringe of something (the downer?  Something Nic was trying to get into him?) under his shoe, and says, “Poison.  Theo, that petty-prankster.”

We get a few cut scenes with Galahad and the girl that gets left behind by Delico (whose name I forget) and Loretta from Cristiano Family.  All of whom are heading in the direction of where everything is going down.

The little kid that Nic hamstrung, Mikhail, gets left behind as used goods, while calling out to Erica, trying to make her come back for him…


She walks away with Monroe and Ivan.

And then that’s the end…


All I can say?  I’m glad Nic is alive–or at least seems to be so far.


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