Gangsta #31 – Bad Medicine

I’m super-worried about Nic.




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When last we left our intrepid Benri-ya/Handymen*, things were looking generally grim for the Twilight population of Ergastulum.  Hunters are in town collecting tags.  In the previous chapter we saw the death of Doug (the vertically-challenged, dreadlocked Twilight who gave Nic a run for the money and then later became a colleague/friend).  A group of Twilight kids (?) gather around mass grave discussing how weird it is that normals have one hole per body (sad.)  We see Doug’s tennis shoes among the multitude of bodies.

Awful, with awful sauce.

Another quick reminder, both Worrick and Nic were recovering in Dr. Theo’s ‘care,’ and we were treated to this intriguing scene:


In which Dr. Theo gives Nic a note with a locker number on it, saying whatever is in there is “in its testing phase.”  Now, we all remember that Nic is not nearly as high-ranking a Twilight as we might hope for a hero of a manga (B, maybe, I can’t remember, but definitely not A-class.).  Nic only kicks so much ass because he regularly overdoses on his juice-up drug.

What we seem to have been handed here is a new strain of this juice-up drug, one that Dr. Theo KNOWS Nic is stupid enough to take in order to win.

Nic knows it too.


Chapter 31 opens with more carnage.  Erica (the de facto leader of the Hunters) is on this massive warpath, even killing women (presumably by that, they mean normal women) and children, we learn because, “She’s cleaning the area… It seems the birth rate has rapidly increased since the enforcement of the three laws.”

It’s also said that “The government doesn’t want that getting out of hand.” (Emphasis mine.)

That’s an interesting bit of news, since I’d been previously under the assumption that the Twilights were a more limited and controlled population, destined to live short, brutal lives, enslaved by their addiction to the drugs they need.  But, obviously there are underground suppliers out there, like Dr. Theo.  So apparently, as a consequence of the loosening regulations, the Twilights been doing a little unauthorized breeding, as it were.

Now, I guess there’s too many of them and the government is eradicating them… as a species (or, more likely, drug-modified humans.)

Again, I’d been under the assumption that the local police had no idea who was behind these attacks… and, maybe they don’t.  It is entirely possible that the world of Gangsta is just that f-cked up.  It was only the last chapter that Chad, our cop liaison, was interviewing Worrick about all this, getting descriptions of the attackers and such.  Makes me wonder 1) what is meant by “government,” really, or 2) if Erica’s attachment/association with this “government”  is just a lie and she’s actually rogue/acting on her own.  Because, I could see her as a defunct/ousted military leader who has delusions of grandeur.

But, that’s just the first couple of panels.  Most of the rest of the chapter is Mikail (the creepy wonder-child Twilight Hunter) trying to catch up to Nic for a rematch.  Instead, the hooded figure he’s chasing turns out to be Delico, acting as a decoy.  Delico, you may or may not remember, is Erica’s brother.  He’s hoping to turn her, or, barring that, kill her himself.  Nic, we find out in a flashback, is on board with that, but if he’s only willing to give Delico three tries to get it done, or he’s going to take her out.

I can’t say it goes well.  (Is she brainwashed?  What exactly *is* this “government” she’s acting on behalf of???)


Which leaves Nic with only one option. We see him pull out a vial of some kind.


And our final image is:


And that expression?  It makes me very, VERY worried.

It seems pretty obvious that Nic is hopped up on the experimental drug.  Now, I guess we need to see what happens next.  I, for one, am on tenterhooks.

*My previous review of this title is here:


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