Ao no Exorcist #63, In Which Things Come to a Completion and Bon Gets Better Hair

Normally, I’m very serious about my manga, but we have to take a moment and appreciate this very important new character development:


Bon’s Hair (Ryuji Suguro)

Girls? Guys?  Tell me!  Did Suguro not just level up in hotness???  I’d like to take a moment, too, to lay forth important head canon in which, having been disappointed by the continuing betrayal of pink-haired Shima, Bon said to himself, “You know, that dude always said I looked good with the barrette on the top of my head.  Well, screw him.  I’m going for the muss in front look just to SPITE HIS SORRY PINK-HAIRED SELF.”

/fan girling

Spoilers to Follow

(Seriously, stop now and go read: Ao no Exorcist 63)

In #63 we have the wrap-up of the battle against Gedōin (frog-face mad scientist).  Izumo’s fox guardians kick the last of the frog-faced guy’s butt, and everyone is ready to evacuate… except Bon points out that if they go now, they’ll be leaving Shima behind.  Rin, of course, being a shounen hero is all, “Yes! No friend left behind!” But, then Shima shows up to say, “Sorry, guys it’s not you, it’s me.” Bon actually does, ask, by the way, if it was his fault somehow, and Shima replies:


I may sound a bit mocking, but this was actually a very moving scene.  I’m personally very invested in this small town threesome: Bon, Shima and Miwa (the bespeckled gray-haired kid) for reasons I’m not even entirely sure of–I suspect they’re just my sort/type.

The “Bon Rescue Squad Directly from Kyoto” shows up and secures the whole temple/shrine grounds.  Though we don’t see it, we kind of have to assume that Lucifer is not among the captured.  He presumably got away–along with Shima, so the Illuminati storyline is still active, even though this particular battle is wrapped up.

 We flash-foward to Izumo’s recovery.  She wakes up her usual prickly, angry self, but is relieved to see that the fox doll she’s been keeping that belonged to her lost sister is still with her.  Puppet boy (Nemu Takara) tells Izumo that, actually, the Exorcists have known that her sister was safe all along, adopted by civilians and living a normal life.  He then gives Izumo a key to a magic door that opens to where the sister has been.  He tells her she can do what she wants with the key.  Izumo gives her sister back the doll, but is horrified to discover her sister has no memory of her.  Despite this, she sees that her sister is happy and healthy and, despite her tears, is able to say goodbye (which is, in fact, the title of this chapter.)  On her return to the True Cross Academy, Izumo rips into plant-girl (Shiemi Moriyama) because… she’s like that.  Plant-girl starts crying and Izumo accuses her of being typically softhearted, but Plant-girl says that she’s happy because it’s clear that Izumo has really, truly been humanized by this experience and she feels like she’s finally fulfilled her promise to Izumo’s friend, Nori-chan.  (She doesn’t say it quite that way, but you get the point.)  After discovering her friend has been super-good to her Izumo reacts typically with:


Then we get hot brooding Bon, and I am made happy. Because: hair.


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