Ao no Exorcist #62 Review

I’m about to commit blasphemy, so cover your ears.  I kind of feel like Katou Kazue-sensei, the mangaka of Blue Exorcist, knows how to write a better fight than Tite Kubo-sensei, the mangaka of Bleach, does right now.

Thing is, I think Kubo-sensei used to know. Like when Ichigo would get a ridiculous power up just because his friends started believing in him? (Case and point the Grimmjow fight, where suddenly, just because Orihime decided not to be afraid of Ichigo’s Hollow form, Ichigo basically says to Grimmjow, “Sorry buddy, I can’t die now.  Orihime says I can’t any more.”)

That’s shounen gold, people.  SHOUNEN GOLD.

And Blue Exorcist knows that’s the point of stupid, oh-shit-the-enemy-has-another-power-up moments.

Warning: SPOILERS!

Chapter 62, being case an point.

This chapter was so f*cking satisfying, I have no words.  Izume (fox girl) has her emotional breakthrough–she realizes that people aren’t trash after all, your friends are worthy–she is rewarded with the kind of power-up any shounen fan is salivating for:


Her fox-spirits finally agree to not only manifest for her, but to kick-a$$.

Even better than that, even though she’s kind of still trash-talking her colleagues, everyone rallies behind her in a super-duper shounen awesome way:


Which makes me happy.  Full stop!



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