Ao no Exorcist 61


When Ao no Exorcist 61: “Treasure” opens Rin is in full-on demon mode crashing through Geodin’s evil laboratory to rescue Izumo, who, if you recall from last chapter, has taken in the nine-tail fox spirit and, in a break-through moment, actually cries for help.

Geodin (evil scientist) is upset by all this, especially since there are some conflicted loyalties among the staff, as it were.  They serve Satan, after all.  Rin is Satan’s son.  So, you know, that makes things complicated. Geodin says he’ll never recognize Rin as Satan’s son.  But, most of Geodin’s underlings, in fact, chose to flee, particularly after Rin gives him a hard upper cut for making Izumo cry.

As I long suspected, pink-haired traitor (Shima) isn’t really in a hurry to help out Geodin when called on, either.  His status is still unclear, but he certainly doesn’t jump into the fray now that it looks like that Rin is going to triumph.

At wit’s end Geodin gets a “genius” idea to dump the zombies onto everyone.  Demon-kitty busts through with Bon (and his spirit bazooka) on his back. (Tell me that’s not awesome.  C’mon, I dare ya.)


Everyone rallies to Izumo’s side.  Unfortunately, she can’t hold the demon. She starts to be devoured by the nine-tails.  Her mother, who is near-death and wrapped in bandages like a zombie, makes the ultimate sacrifice and pulls the demon back into her in the nick of time.  As she tells Geodin, as she dies, so will the demon.

Izumo is heartbroken.  But, her mother tells her that she did good and that she has always been her (or her sister’s, this part I’m unclear on) treasure.

Everyone stands around looking devastated, the end.

I shouldn’t say that like it wasn’t heart-rending, because it was.  However, I found the emotional punch of Izumo reaching out to her friends a bit stronger.  Still, her mother’s death was classic and the zombie fight was epic. I continue to enjoy the HELL out of this manga (pun, very clearly intended.)


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