Sorrows of the Salaryman Exorcist


I discovered that there is an official spin-off to Ao no Exorcist called Salaryman Futumashi Okumura Yukio no Aishuu.  It follows the adventures of the stuffy older brother, Yukio, as he tries not to embarrass himself in increasingly ridiculous situations.

There’s a chapter where Yukio accidentally starts a fashion trend by forgetting his glasses on the top of his head (while wearing his others,) and another where Yukio discovers the Christmas tree they’re meant to decorate has a pile of poop on the top of it (no, I’m not making that up.)  Which reminds me of the chapter where Yukio spends a huge amount of lunchtime trying to figure out how to excuse himself to go pee after Rin has made a big deal to some girls they’re with about how Yukio is even cool when he poops.

So you can guess the humor level.

Which means, of course, I THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME.

Not only did I find most of the chapters hilarious and fun, for my money, I feel they’re exactly  the kind of spin-off you want from a manga.  Sort of like official fan fic, in that they’re very much silly little slice-of-life stories that involve the further adventures of characters we’ve come to know and love.  Yukio isn’t always the star, either, there’s at least one chapter from the point of via of Izumo and, another from my personal favorite, Bon/Ryuji Suguro.

I’d actually read a few of these before. They may have been in the Ao no Exorcist tankobon I got through the library or they might have been tacked on to the chapters I read on-line. So don’t be thrown by that.  I think once you get past the first three chapters it’s all new–or, at least it was for me.


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