MangaKast, the Second

In which we ramble a lot about Bleach 573 and Mason does some Toriko re-capping of “creepy” new developments in recent chapters, since the newest didn’t come out in time for our podcast.

This one ended up a bit long, so many apologies.


Post script: The only thing I wish I’d been a bit more articulate about during the podcast is the idea of how the timing of this fight is a bit off.

When I went looking for the Kenpachi Zaraki/Tousen fight, I skimmed over panels as you do, and I noticed that Kubo, when he wants to, is good at cutting to various fights to give the reader a sense of how time is passing.

Meanwhile these last several chapters have felt… odd, too long, too many gaps between threads, too circular, etc.  And, I was thinking, like a lot of the haters, that maybe that was because the story was sucking.  But, I’m beginning to wonder if this kind of makes-me-uncomfortable/edgy storytelling is on purpose and if it will be revealed that time has been messed with…


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